It's amazingly easy to seduce - Young Straight, Virile Males.

I'm a 47 year old male, who's into servicing Straight young Guys, up to 7 a day. I am not overly attractive but I constantly score the hottest young straight guys. I have several ploys that they succumb to.

I advertise in the personal pages of the newspapers, as Cindy. Guys call up looking for sex with a girl. I have a voicemail message recorded by a female friend of mine. The message is very horny and says "If they want to be sucked come over to my place", She gives them the address.

When they come over I open the door by remote. Then they get to a petition inside, they can not get past this area. I have a hidden fish eye camera set up on the side wall to catch all of the action. There is a message on it instructing them to . Close the outside door and lock it. Press the bell. Unzip their pants. Place their cocks through the hole in the door, which is at standing height.

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