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R e v e n u e   S h a r e   P a r t n e r s h i p   P r o g r a m

With our Revenue Share Partnership program you will earn up to 60% on your initial signup and on all recurring rebills.

CuriousCash is the choice of smart webmasters who are looking to maximize their returns. With CuriousCash’s original photo and video content, cutting edge designs and prompt customer care, your conversions and retentions will soar. With the gay/bi curious surfers you send to CuriousCash you will earn 60% of every sale and rebill. This is amongst the highest signup percentage payouts in the gay/bi adult industry.

Joins per calendar month
What we will pay*
0 50
50 +
By negotiation
* Percentage is based on signup minus processing fee.

WARNING Some similar affiliate programs, offering “The World” to webmasters, running their own stats packages which are open to “Shaving” webmasters returns. CuriousCash figures are Totally !! transparent to affiliate webmasters via the MPA3 stats tracking and admin program

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  W e b m a s t e r   R e f e r r a l

We pay webmasters a 10% Webmaster Referral Commission for referring other webmaster to us.

For example, if a webmaster you refer sends three sign ups a day, you will get paid more than $3800 per year for just referring them. Tell all you friends! Scream it from the rooftops !! They'll love you for introducing them to a great program, and. . we'll pay you well for it.