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S P E C I A L   U P D A T E
9 August 2005

CuriousCash – Now Powered by MPA3

As a lot of you would have noticed has recently been upgraded and is now powered by MPA3. Over the past month we have been working hard to bring to you the new system with great, enhanced features.
Some of these features are -.

  • Improved Stats Tracking
  • Faster loading Webmasters Area
  • Improved Banner System (Downloadable Zip files and improved file naming)
  • Higher Payouts (see below)
  • Flexibility to link to various pages on the sites (coming soon)
  • New & improved Sites
  • Cascading Billing including the following Processors
    • CC Bill
    • Verotel
    • WTS
    • 2000 Charge
    • EPOCH (Coming Soon - Due online 12th August)
    • mEnable (Coming Soon - Due online 12th August)

Also over the next few weeks we will also be introducing some more great new sites with new functionality into CuriousCash. Keep an eye out for our regular update detailing all of these elements.

Some F A Q S

How do I login to the new system?
With the integration of MPA3 login details had to change slightly. To login you now need to use the following format.

Username: CCBillAccount_revid
Password: (This remains the same)

If you do not know your CCBill ID you can email or try to recover it through

Do I need to change my linking codes?
No, all old codes will continue to work. The only problem is there will be no hits tracking on these codes, just sales tracking. The Sales tracking will only be available within CCBill. If you want full reporting functionality I recommend you start using the new links.

When will all the new sites be bought online?
Everything will be brought online progressively over the next couple of weeks.

With all the new processors will I now get 100’s of checks?
Payments will now be made by us direct. These payments will be made Bi Monthly 2 weeks in arrears. So you will receive 1 check from us for all of the processors.

Does the new Username change my old Linking codes?
No, the new username is just that a new username. All old tracking codes remain intact.

CuriousCash Now Pays out MORE to Webmasters

CuriousCash has experienced phenomenal growth in recent timers. Thanks to your continuing loyal support. We now would like to reward you by increasing our payout levels..
Effective from the 1 August 2005

You Get Paid

With Great Conversions, Retentions and Payouts. We invite you to Jump onto the CuriousCash gravy train and start making More Money - Now FASTER !!
Full details at

This Weeks SPECIAL UPDATE - Twin Lifeguard Models

This week we released one of the hottest models updates since our sites began in 1999.

Featuring Straight, Identical Twin Lifeguards from the golden beaches of Australia.

After doing some beach shots with board shorts on, running in and out of the water they asked for more modeling. We said we could only offer them “Hotter Stuff” They said what did they have to do. Just watch a Lesbian Video and pull yourselves and then stand up put you cocks through the holes in the cubicle, we replied. “Only if they are Chicks sucking it, coz we’re straight” they said. We said it could be a girl, tranny or guy but they would never see them. We knew once the expert cockers were on to their cocks they would never pull out.

After a few beers one day they rolled around for the shoot, the cameras started rolling and unbridled Hot Sex, followed. The Twins feature on our sites and also on their extended run Boy-Movie at
Their new site Teen Boy Sex is up and running and will be added to CuriousCash later this week along with another new site