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Webmaster Update - Volume 1 Edition 1116 September 2004

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The World According To CuriousCash

Have You Checked Out.....

Hi Everyone,

WOO-HOO!  Gay and straight dating are launched!  See down below for full details on how to cash in immediately !!

We have a new delivery system for the CuriousCash Webmaster Update from this week - it has become apparent that SPAM filters have a tendency to nail this HTML version when it goes out, and consequently, many affiliates do not get it, or it ends up in the junk mail folders.

We did for a while send both HTML and text versions, but that wasn't really appropriate, so from this edition, you will received this HTML version, and then also a short text email containing a link to the online copy of the HTML Update.

We sure hope that does not prove too tiresome for you, and at the same time ensures all of our affiliates are successfully kept in the loop.

There is a fair bit in this week's update, so make sure you have a good browse through.

Don't forget that we are always here for information, advice and any help we are able to provide to assist in making you the maximum bank possible.  Hit us up.

The CuriousCash Team


Three years in the making, is proud to announce the beginning of a new era in affiliate programs, Combining a mixture of homegrown and 3rd party websites, has brought together a fantastic selection of paysites under one program.

Each site has been carefully selected to provide a high quality exclusive content package with an emphasis on uniqueness that will ensure high conversions and long member retention for all affiliates.  Many marketing resources including static and rotating free hosted galleries round out the program. is proudly bought to you by the Netpond Group - Meat, Aga, Fred and the team have many years experience in the adult business both with personal ventures and as the owners of, one of the most popular and successful webmaster resource sites on the adult net.

With their philosophy of "Good Business not Greedy Business", they are now extending that to their own affiliate program. Signup today and let them prove it to you.



*** New *** New *** New ***

Quick Links For The Lazy

AT LAST !!  Dating is now available !
Our dating sites, (gay) and (straight) are now available to promote!  SEE FULL DETAILS BELOW !

Revamped Curious Cash Members Area
In the CuriousCash members area, the text information box and direct link to our Webmaster Update archives are now in place for your convenience to ensure you can stay informed.

MORE New Promotional Banners
There are a bunch of new banners up in the members area for and - check them out and get them up today !!

Additional Members Area Live Cam Feeds Now Active
The new live gay sex feeds are now up and running in Bargain Twinks - remember that ALL members of our premium sites access that site directly from the members areas, so in essence, ALL members now have this additional content which should further enhance our excellent rebilling.

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Now This Is *REALLY* Important - Take #1


After much bouncing back and forth, a lot of frustration and some excellent coding work by Webmaster Dan to integrate between the dating platform (Cold Fusion) and our PHP/MYSQL system infrastructure, and our processing with CCBill, we are proud to launch the newest addition to the CuriousCash program:

Woteva Males For Your Gay Traffic

Woteva Males


New Friends Now For Your Straight/Swingers Traffic

New Friends Now

Remember that BOTH of these sites are full revshare through your SAME account - no additional signup necessary and ALL monies earned come on the SAME check/wire as your earnings from our other sites. One program, one check - that is our aim to ensure you make the best bank possible working with us !!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Now you have to be aware and take note that both of these sites do work a little bit different to all of our other sites - because both sites are programmed in Cold Fusion and not our usual PHP/MYSQL on a non-Unix server, they did prove a challenge to integrate (we thought all of you tech-mined people would like some background !!!)Please be confident that they have been tested thoroughly and all issues have been resolved - this is why it took us so long to get them ready for you, we had to be 100% sure they worked correctly first time and everytime!

The ONLY difference is in the linking codes, which are different from our normal site linking codes - you have to use your CCBill ID to link, NOT your CuriousCash Login Name.  This was provided on your welcome email and is what you use to access your CCBill stats (if you cannot locate, email with your CuriousCash system login ID, and Dan will find it for you).

Linking codes for dating are therefore as follows: Your CCBill ID CCBill ID

But there is some EXCELLENT news about how our system with these dating sites work.....

When a surfer signs up for the "Free" option, your code adds a variable to the site member database... if that free member becomes a paid member at ANY TIME (could be 1 year after they join as free members) you will still receive FULL be credit for the sale !

There are banners, linking codes and so forth in the members area for you to use right now, so get in, get the traffic flowing and watch the dollars roll in - given the unlimited time frame for your credit on upgrades from free membership, you can promote the pants off free membership and just wait to count the revshare dollars whenever they upgrade to paid members !!!!

If you have any questions please hit us up - we are here to help !!

Now This Is *REALLY* Important - Take #2


Now we have mentioned this before on a couple of occasions, but you CAN send traffic to MOST CuriousCash sites console-free (**This unfortunately does NOT apply to dating sites at the moment).

Remember though that you DO receive FULL credit for exit sales to ANY sites in the exit chain that are part of the CuriousCash program!

All you need do is change your linking code so that where it says "index.php" is changed to "main.php".

We do hope in the future to be able to offer you a "traffic back" option on our sites, where YOU can nominate what (if any) consoles will appear from our sites that you send traffic to.

Also, we are working closely with some other large programs that we are friends with to develop exit consoles that cannot be blocked by the ever increasing range of pop-up blockers out there eating into everyone's exit sales.

As usual, we will keep you posted of developments and progress.

On The Horizon

Get To Know Our Boys

Coming Soon To A CuriousCash Near You !! :-)

==>  The promised free content sets for you to use in promotion, have been delayed, because we are still waiting for the guy who badged them for all us to get the remainder through to us!  Come on Jay, get a move on mate !!! :-)

==>   Free hosted marketing "Teaser Pages", allowing you to promote individual models for the majority of our sites, are almost done, and should start coming online for you in the next week.  For an example of how these will look, click here.  You will notice than quite a few of the teaser pages will also include a sample video clip for surfers!  We will be endeavoring to provide that more and more in the future with new model shoots!  The pics, info and video clip should provide a new spin on full page ads for surfers !!!

==>  Also in development are rotating "Daily Galleries", "Pic Of The Day" and also rotating "Daily Teaser Page" as they come online.  Scripting being worked on now.

Our perennial favorite, we did a new shoot with Cute Jesse - just click the pics for more.


Hello Trent - an oldie but a goodie - learn about this spunk by clicking his pics.

This Week's Top Converters & Bling Earners

Products Of Our Insomnia

#1 - Teen Boy Models

Back at the forefront, the recent review and clean up pays dividends!

Converting at 1 in 245


Teen Boy Models


Everyone is talking blogs. Adult blogs, Gaming blogs and Blog blogs even !

Blogs are where everything/nothing goes and where search engine spiders LOVE to get crawling.

If you are not using blogs, or you haven't yet considered them, maybe you should - there is traffic in them there hills my friend !!

Have a look at an effective blog in action - - this one is owned and run by one of our friends (Hi there Frank !) who has had some considerable success in marketing using this medium.

If you have a  site that you update quite often, a free porn site, a TGP site, another adult blog site, a camgirl/boy site, diary site, E/N (everything/nothing) site or models site you may be interested in joining. their topsite for free.

It has only recently been launched and traffic is coming in
nicely now - and they will be pushing this service heavily to crank it up over the next month or so

Blogs, like link dumps, mean free traffic and better search engine relevance - something everyone wants and needs.

#2 - Boy Movies

Still going strong with 1st month retention now approaching 70% !!!

Converting at 1 in 270


Boy Movies
#3 - Boy Models Australia

Staying consistent with constant traffic - TGP's working VERY well here.

Converting at 1 in 298

Boy Models Australia
Just For Laughs :-)

A Selection Of Short And Sweet Funnies


Q: Why does every bride have such a BIG smile on her face when she is walking down the aisle?
A: Because she KNOWS she NEVER has to give a blowjob again.


Two little rabbits were running for their lives in front of a pack of wolves.
The one in front yelled over his shoulder, "Follow me, I know a place we can hide 'til we outnumber em!"
The other yelled back, "Keep running, you fool! I'm your brother!"


"I never worry about being driven to drink; I just worry about being driven home."
W.C. Fields


Q. What has 8 legs, 2 humps, and flies?
A. Two dead camels.


You are so ugly when you were born your mom said, "What a treasure" and your dad said, "Yeah, let's go bury it."


If I had a dollar for each time I've had sex, that would be like getting getting a 4% rebate on what I've paid!


For others who may not know this:
When the preacher says, "You may now kiss the bride," he is only referring to the groom.


I sleep better at night knowing that scientists can clone sheep.


"Oops, I Did It Again" is a wonderful title for a pop song, but a lousy response when you're caught sleeping with your wife's sister.


Generation X was born cable ready.

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