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Volume 1 Edition 13
30 September

The World According To CuriousCash

Have You Checked Out.....

Hello Again Everyone,

Firstly, apologies firstly for the mailing glitch of last week and the follow up mailing required earlier this week, and secondly for the lateness of this week's edition.

We could make all sorts of excuses, but we won't, we'll just blame it all on ToyBoy.

Bad ToyBoy Bad !!  :-)

A little bit of a newer look for us this week folks, we listened to some of your feedback and have reformatted our update somewhat - hopefully, to make it all that easier for you guys to read and enjoy !

Our new dating sites, Wotevamales and NewFriendsNow continue to set new standards, and just FYI, we do NOT include these sites in our normal weekly update of the top sites because the free join has the punters signing at less than 1:50 !!  Remember that when someone joins you get credit FOREVER when they upgrade their memberships as your referral code is stored in our database - unlike MOST of our competitors who have "sunset" clauses where you only get credit while the cookie lasts or for upgrade within a set time period.  Bank your dating traffic for life with us.

Plenty more new stuff to report from CuriousCash land this week as well:
==>  Text file for Model Teaser Marketing Pages added.
==>  Free Content for promotion added (at last!).
==>  New Boy Model, Stefano.
==>  Another site tweaked for performance.

Also down below is some updates on a few of our other projects in the works.

All in all, another big week, and as always, if you have need of ANYTHING, please just give any of us a shout.

The CuriousCash Team


Win a FREE Trip To Australia !!!

Don't forget that the CuriousCash Webmaster of the Year Competition runs until December 31.

Remember that you already have received a FREE entry just by being a Curious Cash Webmaster.

The winner gets a trip to Australia for the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in March 2005, or if the winner resides outside of the USA, you get a free trip to one of the US shows of 2005 as decided by us.

You get another FREE entry for every 25 joins you send before 31 December...

You get yet another FREE entry for every webmaster you refer before 31 December (and you also get the 10% referral revenue for life !!).

The winner is to be drawn at one of the public functions during Vegas Internext in January 2005 - ANYONE can win and that could be YOU !!!



*** New *** New *** New ***

Quick & Convenient Links

Teaser Promo Pages Text File Added...
As promised we have now added a complete "cut & paste" text file to make using our 2000+ Model Teaser Promo Pages, covering 200+ models over 11 sites TOO EASY !!!  Check them out today !!

Free Content At Last !
Thanks to Jay for getting the final files through, we now have 15 sets of FRESH content for you to use to market many of our sites.  More to come in the future !

Boy-Movies Revamped...
To further cement Boy-Movies as one of our constantly best performing sites, Webmaster Dan has this week tuned and tweaked this excellent site to make it even more of a winner.  Check out the improvements today !

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As we always make you aware, we recognize that each and every one of you - our valued affiliates - are the cornerstone of our business.

The Team here at CuriousCash are 120% committed to working continually to provide you with simply the best and most fully functioned affiliate program that we are able, and to strive to NOT rest on our laurels, but to continually improve our program to ensure that we help you make the maximum bank from your traffic to us, because making YOU more makes us more.

It's really quite that simple.

We understand and accept that not everyone's traffic will work with us, but you can be damn sure it won't be for our lack of advice, help and support.

If you don't ask us, we can't help you.  Unfortunately we cannot yet read minds, but we are working on it :-)


Again we have listened to our affiliates!

We recognize totally that in the few short months since CuriousCash was born from the merger of BoyBuck$ and GayMoneyMachine, our program has grown remarkably, as have the sites to promote, available marketing tools, and other benefits that the site itself serve for you.

So, we are going to revamp CuriousCash and bring you Version 2 - easier navigation, better layout, more information and generally more "User-Friendly".

But it is you people that use this site daily, so WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK to make sure we do this right for the people that count most - YOU !!

Please email your ideas, suggestions, criticisms and any random thoughts to our trusty Webmaster Dan -

On The Horizon

Get To Know Our Boys

In The CuriousCash Pipeline..........

==>  The promised upgrade is well and truly on track, and we are waiting excitedly for the delivery of our first batch on new content from our excellent new semi-exclusive content arrangements.

==>  Webmaster Dan is currently coding "Custom Exits" - that's right, you will soon be able to CHOOSE YOU OWN EXITS and get all your traffic back to exactly where you want it !  Expected in the VERY near future.

==>  Also soon will be the rotating "Daily Galleries", "Pic Of The Day" and also the "Model of the Day".

And also in the works......
==>  Penis Development site.
==>  Exclusive Content Shooting & Sales site
==>  More Banners for all sites
==>  More FHG's, Freesites and Free Content.

The latest boy in our growing stable. Learn more - click on his pics.


Another oldie but goodie - find out more about Rhys by clicking his pics.

This Week's Top Converting Sites

Products Of Our Insomnia

#1 - Teen Boy Models

TBM stays absolutely the same - even conversion ratio !!

Converting at 1 in 249

Teen Boy Models


We have been thinking about what we offer our webmasters in comparison to other programs out there in cyberspace, and have been wondering if there is any other sponsor program that offers the depth and breadth of benefits our webmasters get through us (let us know if you know of any please !!).

We give you ....

*  Up to 75% revshare or up to $45 per join
*  10% lifetime webmaster referral
*  Access to ALL collected emails from your ID code
*  Full Details of all referred webmasters
*  Lifetime database revshare on dating sites
*  150+ Free Hosted Galleries
*  Full credit for Web900 & Dialer sales
*  2000+ Model Teaser Pages
*  10 Hosted Free Sites
*  15 sets of Free Content
*  Exit Console credit to our sites
*  REAL 1-on-1 support
*  We even host your banners !


#2 - Boy Models Australia

Boy Models improves again on it's first entry last week.

Converting at 1 in 277

Boy Models Australia
#3 - Australian Males

A new Top 3 entrant, this is our highest yield per join site !

Converting at 1 in 315

Australian Males
Just For Laughs :-)

One Day In The Town Hall....


The town fathers had a real problem - attendance at the monthly town council meetings had plummeted in recent times and they had reached an all time low of late.

They *really* needed to get the townspeople more interested in attending so they could get some real business done and improve the town for everyone.

While they were brainstorming a way to increase attendance and participation at their regular meetings, one Council member suggested they put on some kind of entertainment to provide a carrot to attract more townspeople to the meetings.

This idea excited them all and they bounced discussions around until another of their number suggested bringing in a hypnotist.

So the officials agreed, a famous hypnotist was hired, loads of publicity was distributed, and everyone was pleased at this new innovation.

And then it all happened. A few weeks later the meeting hall was packed, full to the rafters actually, and the townspeople sat fascinated as the hypnotist withdrew a pocket watch.

The hypnotist began swinging the watch from side to side and began chanting, "Watch the watch, watch the watch, watch the watch..."

The crowd became mesmerized as the watch swayed back and forth, light gleaming off its polished surface.

Hundreds of pairs of eyes followed the swaying watch, until suddenly, the chain slipped between the hypnotist's fingers and the watch fell to the floor.

"SHIT!", exclaimed the hypnotist at the top of his lungs.

It took the town fathers' three weeks to clean up the town hall.

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