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Volume 1 Edition 15
7 October

CuriousCash NOT Affected By Current iBill Situation
"Business As Usual For CuriousCash"

This "Special Announcement" has been issued by CuriousCash to CuriousCash webmasters for information purposes and to answer questions and allay any fears webmasters may have as to the impacts of the iBill situation on CuriousCash - THERE ARE NO IMPACTS ON CURIOUS CASH OR YOUR ACCOUNT !

As you may be aware, the third party processing company  iBill, is currently engaged in a protracted legal battle with its' primary USA bank.

This ongoing situation has resulted in a payment delays to iBill merchants customers.  The iBill European system, from our information, remains largely unaffected.

This iBill situation DOES NOT affect CuriousCash or your accounts with CuriousCash in any way !!

As a business model, CuriousCash sites process exclusively through CCBill.

All of our webmasters can confidently continue to send traffic to CuriousCash to be processed through CCBill.

If you have any questions regarding CuriousCash or your CuriousCash account, do not hesitate to contact us (all contact details below) at any time.

REMEMBER - CuriousCash, and your account with CuriousCash, are NOT affected in any way at all !!

The CuriousCash Team

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