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Volume 1 Edition 24
30 December

The World According To CuriousCash

Have You Checked Out.....

Gidday All,

Welcome to our last update for 2004 !

We trust that each and everyone of you had an excellent Christmas and enjoyed the break (if you had one of course !!).

Now it may be our last issue for the year, and there will NOT be an update in the first week of January (because the CuriousCash team will be gallivanting all over Las Vegas at Internext), but we have plenty to keep your affiliate accounts ticking over.

This week sees our brand new sites, targeting new and emerging markets - our real time SMS chat site and, our brand new joint venture which blurs the lines between the pink and purple dollar and takes it into the mainstream as well !!!  See below for all the details.

Don't forget any of you in Vega's for Internext next week, CuriousCash, as sponsors of the Gay Webmaster Bash, invite you to join us for an open bar and scrumptious nibblies at the nightly after hours suite from midnight until 3.00am each night of the show.

Either there, on the show floor, or at many of the other functions and parties we will be attending, CuriousTim, WebmasterDan and the ubiquitous CuriousToyBoy look forward to meeting as many of you as possible - don't be show, just come up and say "Gidday" ;-)

On signing off this week, we wish each of you and your families a very Happy New Year, and hope that all your dreams and wishes for 2005 come true !

The CuriousCash Team


Bent Board

Our new webmaster board,, is nearing completion, and will soon be open for your posting pleasure.


Go to, register as a new user, and shoot your board nickname with your CuriousCash ID by email to us at to have 2 more tickets in your name added to the draw !!!

Don't forget that lucky winner is to be drawn at the Gay Webmaster Bash lunch on 5th January 2005 during the Internext Las Vegas show.



** New ** New ** New **

Quick & Convenient Links

==> ImproveMyPenis is STILL just waiting for billing approval, and we have taken the opportunity to add some more free content, but this should be up and running before the end of the weekend for the New Year.

==>  MobileMen
Just tweaking some billing transition issues for the USA market and then we can open our new SMS downloadable content site -  This site allows surfers to download pictures and video clips of our models to their mobile phone - will be up as soon as resolved.

==> AsianWestBoys
We are waiting for some additional exclusive content to be provided for our newest Asian niche boy site, with a twist - is where young Asian boys meet hot young western boys !!  Initial parts of the site are online, but we have to get the remainder of the content delivered and then submit for billing approval.

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In the CuriousCash Pipeline.....

Get To Know Our Boy Models

==>  MORE New Banners for sites are being still being delivered and being put up as we get them - this week we have an additional dozen banners going up in the members area for

==> Custom Exits are still being coded and tested, and we will not release until w are happy with the popup blocker beater system we are hoping to use.

==> our Meds/Rx/Pharmacy program, is still on track to be launched End of January at the latest.

==> Gay Oriented Poker Site is being finalized by then backend providers and we anticipate this to be online soon after our return from Internext.

==>Poker room program is in testing to ensure that it remains fully customizable for you and we anticipate this also to be ready soon after Internext.

==>  Rotating Daily Galleries for each individual site (including complete and updated text files) will be completed upon delivery of all the final hosted galleries which is timed for February.

==> Rotating Pic Of The Day is also on track for about the same time - late in February, as it depends on the final galleries being completed.

==> Exclusive content shooting will be addressed in the 2nd quarter of 2005, but enquiries now can be directed directly to


James is our newest hot looking sports jock - click his pics for info.


Simon.  Well the pictures say it all don't they?  More info?  Click on them.
Now This Is Great News #1 Now This Is Great News #2


This week we launch - a monthly ezine dedicated to women and gay men - and the subjects they share in common ... from yummy male models, to fashion, from Hollywood hunks to celebrity gossip !

The assumption that PMA is a crossover in more ways than 1 is a very true - not only does this product blur the boundaries between the pink and purple dollar, it is also a relevant and real move into traditional mainstream markets, on and offline.

 PMA is not all about sex and porn, it is designed to titillate and inform, in much the same way as many similar publications you will find on the local news stand - that is a key factor in us providing both the online and downloadable PDF formats to customers.

The first edition - January 2005 - features a steamy pictorial of Cover Guy Matt from; Farewell Sex And The City - a tribute to the girls, the fashion, the boyfriends and all those accessories; a close up look at 79 Treasure Trails in ManBits; a Celebrity Review of the entertainment highlights of 2004; a close look at Johnny Depp as this month's Hollywood Hunk; plus Kitty's Knickers, Decadent, and a host of other Purve editorial features.

You will be able to promote PMA through CuriousCash in both formats it will be sold in - a subscription paysite with archives and multimedia features or single issue ebooks for the reader to download and print individually.

We will introduce a bunch of marketing materials in coming weeks, but this product will stand by itself and will be especially important addition to any of your mainstream projects.

If you have any questions at all, please direct them to


SMS technology is definitely the foundation for the future, with 3G mobile technologies poised to become the biggest emerging market in the adult business.

CuriousCash remains at the cutting edge of this new wave of technology with the launch of our exciting new real time one-to-one live gay chat service !

This exciting new addition to the CuriousCash stable allows surfers to Chat 1-to-1 live with our hot Sportsman and Athlete models via SMS Text messaging - LIVE AND IN REAL TIME !!!

The MOST exciting feature of this sensational new addition to our growing site range is not just the ability of our affiliates to make bank from this emerging market, but something even better..........

Our affiliates will have the ability to rebrand this product and customize their own SMSBoyz chat site to promote !!

This is another example of the CuriousCash commitment to continue to grow and relentlessly search for ways to maximize income for our affiliates.

The advent and hyper-speed growth rate of 3G mobile phone technology globally, and the commercial application of SMS and related technologies to the online adult business is an exciting new frontier for all of us. is a solid model released at a time that allows you, our affiliates, to ride the crest of this wave and establish yourselves in this new market with the application of these relevant new technologies.

If you have any questions at all, please direct them to

This Week's Top Converting Sites

You Really Ought To Know....

# 1 - Teen Boy Models

TBM drops a little but maintains top spot over Christmas !!!

1 in 279

Teen Boy Models


As we discussed in Edition 21 of these updates we are close to being able to offer an ALTERNATIVE processing solution to a select band of webmasters.

We have been implementing and testing the OPTION of the Verotel API (Advanced Processing Interface).

The existing CCBill processing remains AS IS for all, unless we specifically switch you over to the API.

If you wish to be transferred over to the Verotel API system, please email your request and CuriousCash ID to

We are hoping that we will be bale to transfer over webmasters who nominate this as their preferred option over the few weeks immediately following Internext, but we will NOT do so unless we have 100% satisfaction in the integrity of the system

Out initial tests have been encouraging and we are hoping that another couple of weeks of testing will sort out any final small bugs in the system.

As we will have to handle the affiliate payouts for these people, we will really only be considering initially those webmasters with 30+ joins per month, but don't let that stop you from putting your hand up to be considered.

If you have any questions at all, please direct them to

# 2 - Boy Movies

Boy Movies kicks back into the Top 3 with new movies proving popular !

1 in 290

Boy Movies
# 3 - Amateur Straight Boy Videos

Still at #3, by just a couple of clicks, ASBV continues it's strong performance.

1 in

Amateur Straight Boy Videos
Just For Laughs Part # 1 :-) Just For Laughs Part # 5 :-)
13 Signs You Are Taking Your Relationship Breakup Too Hard....

13The tears flow in the produce section as the sight of two perfect cantaloupes bring fond sexual memories  flooding back.

12.  You keep calling his old number in the Oval Office, even though you know that new ugly, dumb guy always picks up the phone on the other end.

11You don't know what you'd do if you didn't have your dotcom stock portfolio to console y-- uh-oh.

10You keep mailing her threatening letters because her restraining orders smell like her.

9Even your therapist suggests that you "take the manly route of suicide."

8You start writing melancholy country songs... and the country is Bosnia.

7You ask your pastor if it's improper to have a funeral for your penis.

6You're way too depressed to be bothered getting out of bed to stalk her.

5Keeping a stained dress: Tacky
Using it to clone an army of Super Presidents: Creepy

4.  You haven't returned any of Rupert Murdoch's calls about appearing on "Who Wants to Catch a Multimillionaire on the Rebound?"

3Inspired by a combination of true love and a court order, you're always just over 50 yards away.

2"All your albums are belong to me!"

the Number 1 Sign You're Taking Your Relationship Breakup Too Hard...

1You cry every time you take a leak, because *she* used to take a leak.?

A Selection Of ToyBoy's Quick Wit

Rodeo Sex is where your partner is on all fours, and you are firmly ensconced from the rear with a breast in each hand and you say to her, "This is almost as good as last night when I fucked your sister."
You will then have eight seconds to stay in the saddle !


Where do you find a dog with no legs ?
Right where you left him.


What has 2 legs and bleeds ?
Half a dog.


A Sunday School teacher asked her class why Joseph and Mary took Jesus with them to Jerusalem.
A small child replied: "They couldn't get a baby-sitter."


What do you get when you cross a Pit Bull Terrier and a Border Collie ?
A dog that rips your arm off and then goes for help.


Q: What is the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag?
A: One is made of plastic and is dangerous for children to play with. The other is used to carry groceries.


On some days, my head is filled with such wild and original thoughts that I can barely utter a word. On other days, the liquor store is closed.


You can get more with a kind word and a buttload of cash than you can with just a kind word.


What do you call 9 blondes standing in a circle ?
A dope ring.

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We Thought You Might Enjoy This

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