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Volume 2 Edition 1
13 January

The World According To CuriousCash

Have You Checked Out.....

Happy New Year Everyone !!

Well, what can we say.


It was great to meet many old friends again, and to greet a bunch of new friends, and it was particularly special to meet a number of CuriousCash webmasters whom we had not until then had the pleasure !

The events, of which CuriousCash was a sponsor, were a HUGE success, and hats off to Lee & Gary-Alan and team from for their sensational efforts in pulling this all together.

For early pictures, click here, but we still have most of our own to download and add to the mix , but we'll let you know when the full collection is up for your viewing pleasure - hopefully next week for sure.

WebmasterDan is back on deck, CuriousToyBoy (now his luggage finally arrived) is here in body if not mind yet and CuriousTim is continuing his search for the hottest young twink models for CuriousCash for a little while yet.

In other good news, it looks like Curious & Tim will be in Prague in late April for Adult Online Europe, and that will be another great opportunity for us to meet our non-US webmasters - we will confirm this in the near future.

We hope for an amazing 2005 for us all, building on our hugely successful 2004 - onwards & upwards !

The CuriousCash Team


A BIG congratulations goes out to our good friends from Freya Communications (the guys behind on being the winners of the inaugural CuriousCash Webmaster of the Year (2004) competition !!

The winner was drawn at the lunch at Internext in Las Vegas last week by the wonderful Lee from with our own white-suited CuriousTim holding the bucket in front of a crowd of about 70 people attending the lunch !

Pictures of the draw can be found by clicking here.

For details of how the lucky Freya Staffer will be spending a few days on us Downunder in early March, click here now for full details of their prize.

It is a shame that we cannot bring you all to Australia, because we really appreciate your active support of CuriousCash and this competition in 2004, but .....


For some hints, why not check out the latest from CuriousToyBoy on the http://www.GayWideWebmasters forum by clicking here.

Look forward to seeing many of you then !!! ;-)

** New ** New ** New **

Quick & Convenient Links

==>  MORE New Banners for sites have been added - this week we have, & - more to come soon !!!

==> ImproveMyPenis STILL just waiting for billing approval - be up and going soon.

==> BentBoard is OPEN FOR BUSINESS !!  Check it out and join the newest online adult webmaster community today !!

==>  MobileMen
Still dealing with billing transition issues  - will be with you shortly !

==> AsianWestBoys is still just waiting for a bunch of new content then submit for billing approval.

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In the CuriousCash Pipeline.....

Get To Know Our Boy Models

==> PurveModelsAustralia had a last minute billing glitch with the legal department of CCBill, but will be fixed next week for active promotion to commence.

==> Custom Exits are still being coded and tested, release as soon as we are able.

==> our Meds/Rx/Pharmacy program, is still on track to be launched End of January at the latest.

==> BoyModelsPoker is still being finalized by then backend providers and we anticipate launch by early February.

==> PokerRoomCash is in testing - this will be launched as soon as possible.

==>  Rotating Daily Galleries for each individual site (including complete and updated text files) at this stage timed for February.

==> Rotating Pic Of The Day still timed for late February.

==> Exclusive content shooting timed for mid 2005, early enquiries direct to please.


Robbie is our newest spunky young boy !  Click his hot pics for more!


The shoot with Greg was amazing - click either pic to learn more about Greg !

This Week's Top Converting Sites

You Really Ought To Know....

# 1 - Boy Movies

Back to the top of the heap, the Boy Movies new full-length videos work !

1 in 264

Boy Movies


Mastering the Adult Web is the result of ALL the resources at YNot finally being pulled together - many of the tips and tricks that have worked so well for that community of webmasters over the years - all into this one amazing interactive media presentation.

If you’ve never built an adult website before then this CD will show you how to get started right away. If you already have an adult website but need help taking it to the next level then Mastering the Adult Web can help you too.

The Mastering the Adult Web CD-ROM contains a number of multimedia tutorials – each hosted by YNOTBob himself – which walk though the basic skills needed to build and market adult websites.

From picking domain names to generating a traffic flow into a new site, the skills that are developed through use of this CD-ROM are vital to making money in today’s competitive online adult entertainment marketplace - click here now to start your journey to the top !!

Mastering The Adult Web

# 2 - Teen Boy Models

Still the flagship, TBM just keeps on keeping on - as it always does for us !!!

1 in 288

Teen Boy Models
# 3 - Amateur Straight Boy Videos

ASBV continues an impressive and steady consistency.

1 in 312

Amateur Straight Boy Videos
Just For Laughs Part # 1 :-) Just For Laughs Part # 5 :-)
The Talking Dog

This guy walks into a bar with his golden retriever.

He calls to the bartender, "Hey, can I get a drink on the house if my dog talks for you?"

"Dogs can't talk, pal. But if you can prove to me yours does, I'll give you a drink. If not, I get to kick your ass."

"Okay," says the guy. He turns to his dog. "Okay fella. Tell me - what is on top of a house?"


The man turns and smiles at the bartender.

"THAT ain't talking! Any dog can bark!"

"Okay boy. Tell me - how does sandpaper feel?"


"What the hell you tryin' to pull mister?"

"Okay, okay," says the man. "One more question please. Okay buddy, tell me - who is the greatest ball player who ever lived?"


The bartender beats the hell out of the guy and throws him onto the sidewalk outside of the bar, then throws the dog out next to him.

The dog stands up and looks at the guy. "Geez. Maybe I shoulda said DiMaggio?"

Technology For Country Rednecks

LOG ON: Makin' a wood stove hotter.

LOG OFF: Don't add no more wood.

MONITOR: Keepin' an eye on the wood stove.

DOWNLOAD: Gettin' the farwood off the truk.

HARD DRIVE: Gettin' home in the winter time.

PROMPT: Whut the mail ain't in the winter time.

WINDOWS: Whut to shut wen it's cold outside.

SCREEN: Whut to shut wen it's blak fly season.

BYTE: Whut dem dang flys do.

CHIP: Munchies fer the TV.

MICRO CHIP: Whut's in the bottom of the munchie bag.

LAP TOP: Whar the kitty sleeps.

KEYBOARD: Whar ya hang the dang keys.

SOFTWARE: Them dang plastic forks and knifs.

MOUSE: Whut eats the grain in the barn.

MAINFRAME: Holds up the barn roof.

PORT: Fancy Flatlander wine

ENTER: Northerner talk fer "C'mon in y'all"

CD DRIVE: Fun when cuzin Dee drinks moonshine.

We Thought You Might Enjoy This

We Thought You Might Enjoy This

As always courtesy of our good friends at - check them out today !

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