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Volume 2 Edition 11
12 June 2005


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The World According To CuriousCash

Your Really Have To Know (Take #2)

Hello All !


Well another HUGE update this time around !


First and foremost - we are going with MPA3 as our new back end system !  For you that means more tools, better stats and reporting, more options and access to full credit for cascading and alternative billing options !!  Check out the latest enhancements to Version 3 by clicking here.


See next door for the first step in our implementation plans of the majority of your issues as identified from the Webmaster Survey summarized in the last edition - much good news now with our back end MPA3 system installation underway.  Damn exciting times actually !


This week, AVN Online magazine also ran a piece on our Webmaster of the Year 2004 prizewinners trip Downunder !!  Click here for the full read on all the fun and games !  We also recommend you watch out for the August edition of the AVN Magazine with our new ad !  Funny stuff.


Also important for you people to note is the ongoing problems with our hosting company with the CuriousCash Free Hosted Galleries (see full follow up story directly below) and our advances on COMPLETE compliance with the new 2257 requirements (also featured down below).


The last week has been hectic as, what with CuriousToyBoy back on deck, the final decision on MPA3, our good friend Chad Belville (ChadKnowsLaw from helping us come to terms with 2257 and some major movements on the future developments front - which we can not reveal to you just at this moment !


Click here for some nice pics of Brisbane and the Gold Coast from Chad's visit.


Did you know there are now less than 60 days before you can again catch up with CuriousTim and CuriousToyBoy at Internext ( in Hollywood Florida - hit us up now by email if you want to put aside some time with one or both of us.


Second to last, you would all be aware now that CuriousToyBoy is now firmly ensconced back on Australian shores - see some of the fun he had in his final days in the Philippines in our usual place by clicking here.


Now last, but HARDLY least, it wouldn't be right if we at CuriousCash did not crow about another record month in May 2005 !!!!  That's right - an 8% increase in gross sales over April pushes May to the new highest month ever for CuriousCash !  That makes 4 months this year that the record benchmark has been raised, and our growth shows no signs of abating !  Are you REALLY promoting us enough ?


If there is EVER anything we can do for you, you simply need to ask - ALL of our contact details are down below on the update every single time, and also inside the CuriousCash members area !


Remember there are 4 of us round and about for you to contact now - CuriousTim, WebmasterDan, CuriousToyBoy and CuriousJesse who has been part of the full-time team for a while now, and we are ALL here to help in any way, shape, fashion or form.


Well don't just sit there - contact us and ask for advice or help with whatever you need !


Everyone take care and stay safe !


The CuriousCash Crew

Your Say - Applying The Results Of The Curious Cash Webmaster Survey - Part # 1 !!!

Here it is - part one of how we at CuriousCash are responding to the issues identified in our Webmasters Survey (as detailed in the last update):

Should we continue to develop more and new sites?
Right now we have only one new site scheduled for imminent release, which will be a Special Twins Promo Site. This is due for release in a week or so. We also have a couple of other sites on the shelf in different niche areas.  Apart from that we are transferring our attention to rebuilding CuriousCash and refining what we already run. We have started rebuilding the members areas of each site and will continue to do this until all completed.

Should we continue to look at micro-niching our offerings and how often would you like to see you new sites ?
This is basically answered above, but be sure that new offerings will either address different niches and/or targets horizontally in the gay/bi/curious marketplace.  Scheduling for releases will not be hard and fast, but will be on and "as-and-when" basis.

Should we pursue looking at trials across our sites, or  should we retain our previous "no trial" strategy?
We will be leaving trials as we have them for now. Upon the release of our new affiliate program back end we anticipate having the ability for you to choose whether you wish to promote using trials or not - it will be your decision totally under that system.

Should we be dedicating more time to increasing this diversification process? If so, what other areas should we be looking at for you?
We are rapidly increasing our infrastructure here with a few big announcements being released very shortly. We are making sure in the infrastructure expansion that all elements of our business get the care and attention they need, which you will see as things develop.

Do you think the migration to a 3rd party back end system  is a good idea? What, if any, additional marketing tools would be of benefit to you?
OK, Contracts have been sent and we are about to start rebuilding CuriousCash under MPA3. MPA3 has a lot of the tools you guys have requested already built in and already caters for all bar one of the processors we use. The additional processor is due online later this month. Those of you who do not know what MPA3 has to offer we recommend get over to and check it out. If you have any questions about specific aspects you want in the program and they are not part of MPA3, or you are not sure if they are a part of MPA3 or know they are not please email details.

Do we communicate well with you? Would you like to also receive our general press releases we issue from time to time? Are we easy contactable and do we respond quickly enough when you do contact us?
Basically our communication through updates and Press Releases will remain the same, and with Jesse ( now on board and more changes to our team imminent, your ability to contact us more readily will be greatly enhanced.


1. The webmaster area is way too slow loading for me. Most other sites like even AEBN or Bel Ami load extremely quickly. The stats at the beginning maybe should go elsewhere and be more flexible.
We believe these issues will be more than adequately addressed by the implementation of MPA3.

2. Banners - IT IS hard to really download a whole whack of them. perhaps a zip file option containing the complete banner set for each site would help.
Upon the release of CuriousCash v2 with MPA3 we will have this as an option for ALL sites.

3. Banner Refreshing - to be blunt, they need to be updated. Not so much animated but showcase more of the talent instead of the same model for all of the sites or several sites.. Different sites should use different models and I also think that you need more 'skyscraper' banners.. 120x300 120x400 and even 120x600 plus perhaps 80x300, 80x400 etc.
We anticipate getting in and getting a bunch of new quality banners done up to coincide with our re-release of CuriousCash, and we will pick up the new sizing requests as part of that process.

4. Banner Names - I know this is small but if a webmaster is promoting more than one site, it kind of helps if you actually name your banners teen-boy-models or -cute-teen-boys instead of just 468x80a It can be confusing to some or add to their work load by either having to rename the banners or in placing them in a different directory. so site specific naming of banners would be a help. (while some may use initials like say TBM for teen boy models, I'd try to use three to two words that are also keywords.. hey the SE's do pick on that. so while more work, a good plus for a truly savvy webmaster and they are the ones who will push the sites more than the casual one).
Maybe small but a really good point. As the new program gets built we will make sure all current banners are copied and renamed so both versions are online.  New banners added will follow this guideline.

5. Better explanations within the webmaster section of what everything is. I mean I see this emails collected and it keeps changing each month, but what the heck is it? Does it make me money? If so how much and when does it get paid?
We will definitely look into this, as we revise all aspects of our webmaster tool offerings with the new setup. But in the meantime if you don't understand something please email us so we can take care of your issues and note them within CuriousCash for all to see.

6. Text Copy - Not many offer this but for those that do, it helps in the conversions. I mean a webmaster rarely goes inside a members area of a site they are promoting, so for them to come up with good sexy SE ad copy is very very difficult. You guys know your sites, so it would be a big, big help for webmasters to have text phrases available for use in promoting the various sites.
We are currently trying to get this organized and expect to release all of this with the CuriousCash upgrade.

7. Better linking options. By that I mean give us the webmaster a choice of linking to the tour or to the join page directly. Also ensure NO POP UPS- that to me kills a lot of potential sales.
We believe a lot of this need and issues of custom exits, no exits, alternative linking and multiple tours will be sorted with the MPA3 implementation.

8. 30 second video clips for promotion.
We are currently working towards getting DRM'ed video content. We are just waiting on a few things from our hosting provider for this to be implemented with the new system. You should also know that many of the more recent model teaser pages include video clips of the model in question.

9. Independent site reviews.
This is in progress for ALL sites.  The great news is that links on all sites to reviews of other sites in our range will attract FULL webmaster credit !!

10. Cut and Paste Java Script with live Updated Content.
We will be looking into this further with MPA3, along with geo-targeting

11. Geo-Targeted Ads.
We will look at this, but honestly not a high priority at this point. Once the above are sorted we will get this implemented. MPA3 does have Geo-Targeting built in for sending appropriate traffic to appropriate billing methods and we will certainly be using this to optimize our own and your traffic.

12. Hosted TGP sites
We think this is a good idea, but will just have to evaluate in line with everything else we are doing.

13. Surfer Focused Forum with link codes for the banners within the forum.
We were running one of these but did not have the time to manage it properly. We are looking at rebuilding and putting some effort into this again with the new system.

14. Hosted Free Sites
We already have a bunch of these for you to use in the CuriousCash members area, and we expect to expand upon the numbers available with the release of CuriousCash v2.

Now I suppose you all want to know when this will be put in place. Well as soon as we can !! Contracts have been set, a few upgrades on MPA3 need to be completed for us, but I expect we will be up by the end of the month if nothing goes wrong, but when it comes to computers you can not guarantee this.  We will keep you posted !


New & In The Pipeline

==> MPA3 or Our Own System? MPA3 has won out here, as discussed above. We had started down the road of developing our own, however we decided it would take too long to deliver this to our Affiliates. We now anticipate having a new version of CuriousCash online around the end of this month.

==> will be integrated as the new MPA3 system will enable immediate integration of this into our site range!

==> with our new system will also be immediately integrated into our site range

==> Custom Exits are being reassessed and included in the new MPA3 system.

==> BMPoker and PokerRoomCash are just waiting on MPA3 to bring them into the fold.

==> SMS/Cellphone expansion we have decided on a new provider for our current SMS sites. This provider will make our sites completely global and we will also be integrating SMS Billing on several levels (for which you will get 100% reseller credit !) into CuriousCash. This will all come in line as the new backend for CuriousCash becomes a reality !

==> is still held up with selecting an appropriate shopping cart and delivery system.  MPA3 system will allow immediate billing integration for you to be able to onsell with FULL credit !

==> and will be immediately integrated into our site range properly with MPA3.  Also expect a new version of to be released prior to the site being integrated.

==> Improved Members Areas are a reality as we have gone through and revamped and back ends.  Each has had a heap more content and features added so expect retention here to go crazy as a result !!!!

==> Model Teaser Pages DON'T FORGET THAT ALL OF THESE ARE SOFTCORE AND THEREFORE ALREADY 2257 COMPLIANT !!  The text file has been fully updated to include ALL new models !  Download now by clicking here or get from the members area !

==> gets a huge boost with the release of new boy movie - The Seduction of Maverick

==> Hot New Twins Site is under development for imminent release !  CuriousTim shot his second set of identical twin, straight surf-lifesaver boys, and these guys are HOT HOT HOT.  This one will be a real special !  With you soon !

==> DRM of Boy Movies is in pre-planning with processors and providers.  This will enable you to offer downloads for surfers and get full credit, open up webmasters using P2P marketing and also will make retention boom like never before!  Will keep you posted.

==> also gets a HUGE boost with 128mb of NEW picture content just added !

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Your Really Have To Know ....

Quick Links


As notified in last weeks update (click here), your free hosted gallery links are being automatically redirected to the appropriate site with your referral code attached - you get FULL traffic credit !!

As we explained last week, one of our hosting companies has reported absolutely ridiculous bandwidth overages - many, many 1000's of dollars worth !  They said it was the FHG's ONLY causing the problem - a situation which we could not accept, but have had to remedy to narrow down the problem once and for all.

We were hoping that this issue would have been resolved rather quickly, however, due to the hosting company in question not providing us with the information we require to make informed decisions - it has not been resolved to date.

The key issue is our site back ends are on the same host, and we are in the middle of downloading these should we be forced to change those hosting arrangements.  We are sure you agree ensuring members have uninterrupted site access is most important !!!

If you find ANY problems with ANY of these gallery redirections please notify WebmasterDan on immediately so he can make any necessary corrective adjustments.

We are confident that this problem will be resolved with the introduction of MPA3 and sincerely apologize to all webmasters for any inconvenience suffered during this unfortunate series of events.

For those naysayers who have been hitting the boards with ridiculous comments to the end that CuriousCash is in some sort of trouble - well how about you look us up at Florida Internext so ToyBoy can correct your misinformation in person !!!

We are getting stronger and stronger, and this little hiccup will not seriously harm our amazing growth or the effectiveness of our sites for our affiliates.

On top of all the issues with Host, 2257 also came about as we were at the negotiating table, and as a result it has left us in 2 minds as to our approach in re-releasing these galleries. We did not want to get them back up only to have to remove them again a month later. We will be ensuring that they are at a level that does not effect us nor our affiliates at a legal level when it comes to 2257.

Also it was noted on the Boards that maybe we should just change host. This is not that simple for us. We are not based in the US so it makes it very hard for us to pick up our gear and move it elsewhere. We also have a lot of considerations when dealing with most issues as we have often have more then a straight Service arrangement with the Companies we use. In some respects I suppose this can be seen as a weakness, however overall we see it allows us to debate and sort issues in a more detailed manner then if we were just some guys in another Country Hosting.

Any enquiries regarding this can be directed to

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All The Fuss About 2257....

#1 - Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off

STILL at #1 - the conversions on this baby never cease to amaze !

1 in 143

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off

CuriousCash Will Be FULLY 2257 Compliant BEFORE 23rd June .....

As mentioned earlier, we had our good friend and Attorney, Chad Belville (ChadKnowsLaw) of down our end of the world last week.

He was not here for a just holiday.

After much discussions, searching, argument and application, Chad has helped us develop a system whereby we are 100% compliant with 2257, given our particular situation where our content is produced and managed well outside of the United States and associated jurisdictions.

We will have full details to you in the next week or 2.

We also have a KEY ADVANTAGE, one of our biggest webmaster promotional tools - our Model Teaser pages are all softcore, and therefore no issue under the new 2257 - AND WE HAVE OVER 2000 OF THESE FOR YOU TO USE NOW !!  Download the full text file by clicking here or get them from the CuriousCash members area !

CuriousCash urges and recommends that if you are not a member already, get on over and join our ONLY voice against the monster that the US Government is trying to create for us all -

Even though it is still very early in the 2257 game to predict exactly what the future will hold, by making CuriousCash compliant to the draconian 2257 as it stands now, we know that us and our webmasters will be saved a lot of the pain..

If you have any specific questions about promoting CuriousCash under the new 2257 regime, please contact WebmasterDan at and he will be happy to address your concerns !

For expert 2257 advice, we recommend you contact Chad ( and check out his constant blogging on 2257 ramifications at

# 2 - Amateur Straight Boy Videos

In a word, trial joins.  ASBV just keeps kicking and kicking

1 in 144

Amateur Straight Boy Videos

# 3 - Teen Boy Models

TBM, as our flagship site, just keeps on keeping on with excellent joins.

1 in

Teen Boy Models

Just For Laughs Part # 1 :-)

Just For Laughs Part # 2 :-)

Birthday Sex

 Adam was talking to his friend at the bar, and he said, "I don't know what to get my wife for her birthday - she has everything, and besides, she can afford to buy anything she wants, so I'm stuck."

His friend said, "I have an idea! Why don't you make up a certificate saying she can have 60 minutes of great sex, anyway she wants it. She'll probably be thrilled."


Adam decided to to his friend's advice.

The next day at the bar his friend said, "Well? Did you take my suggestion?"

"Yes, I did," Adam replied.

"Did she like it?"

"Oh yes! she jumped up , thanked me, kissed me on the forehead and ran out the door, yelling "I'll be back in an hour !!"

Excess Wind


A boy was meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time for dinner.


After dinner, his girlfriend and her mother left the room to do the dishes, leaving him with the father and the dog Duke, who was sitting underneath the boy's chair.


Unfortunately, it was a large dinner and he really had to fart. He stealthily let out a quiet, but audible, fart.

"Duke!" the dad yelled.

"This is great!" the boy thought. "He thinks the dog is farting!" So he let out another one.

"Duke!" the father barked.


The boy thought he was home free so he let everything out at once in a really loud and smelly fart.

"Duke! Get out of there before the boy shits on you!"

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We Thought You Might Enjoy This

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