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Volume 2 Edition 12
19 June 2005


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The World According To CuriousCash

News Stories Of Interest ....

Gidday Everyone !


Just a relatively short & sweet (and on time !) update for you all this week.


Our planning for the implementation of MPA3 is well advanced - new hardware is on it's way and we should be up and running in a couple of short weeks.


We also have a new boy movie released, a new model to show off, sites being revamped - in short, the CuriousCash engine room has never been busier !


MPA3 will provide our affiliates with access to so much more - it is truly very exciting times for us all !


Our 2257 compliance plans are progressing nicely - we just await some further guidance from ChadKnowsLaw, and our system will be complete.


Don't forget that there a just a few short weeks until CuriousToyBoy join the throng at Internext ( in Hollywood,  Florida in the good old US of A.


Damn, this year is going fast !


Talk to everyone really soon !


The CuriousCash Crew

University Sues Over Porn on the Job

Family Group Wants E–Porn Probed

FBI Agent Sentenced for Child Porn

Inside the FSC Complaint Against 2257

Search Engine Promises to Reduce Fraud

Parents Targets Paris Hilton Commercial

New York Launches Spyware Suit

Main Web Site Hackers Are Schoolboys

Windows Security On A Chip

Apple Releases Its Tiger

What Germs Are Lurking In Your Office ?

Japanese Sex Laws Crimp Adult Shoots

ASACP and DCIA Combat P2P CP

Missouri Anti–Porn Bill Reborn

Feds to Create Special Obscenity Unit

Decency Standards Come Under Fire


New & In The Pipeline

Quick Links

==> MPA3 Implementation in CuriousCash is underway !!  MPA3 has been ordered and we are currently in the process of upgrading our server systems to accommodate this. It is expected that the parts will arrive next Tuesday and the upgrade to be completed by next Friday. At this stage the install of MPA3 will take place.
==> SMS/Cellphone expansion comes closer to reality with the new and sites currently in redevelopment. We expect to release both of these sites in the next week or two.

==> is on hold while we get MPA3 up and running. MPA3 system will allow immediate billing integration for you to be able to onsell with FULL credit !

==> gets another kick with the release of another new boy movie - Remmington Jacks Off !

==> will be integrated as soon as the the new MPA3 system is in place.

==> will also be immediately integrated into our site range with MPA3.

==> Custom Exits are being reassessed and included in the new MPA3 system.

==> and PokerRoomCash are just waiting on MPA3 to bring them into the fold.

==> and also will be immediately integrated into our site range properly with MPA3.  Also expect a new version of to be released prior to the site being integrated.

==> Model Teaser Pages DON'T FORGET THAT ALL OF THESE ARE SOFTCORE AND THEREFORE ALREADY 2257 COMPLIANT !!  The text file has been fully updated to include ALL new models !  Download now by clicking here or get from the members area !

==> Hot New Twins Site is under development for imminent release !  CuriousTim shot his second set of identical twin, straight surf-lifesaver boys, and these guys are HOT HOT HOT.  This one will be a real special !  With you soon !


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GeorgieF talks Britney & Pregnant Sex

CuriousTim  shows off identical twins:

GayStoryMan continues giving birth:

CuriousToyBoy recommends 2257 expertise:

There are a multitude of adult webmaster boards, and each has something different to offer.  Here, we do the surfing for you to find some of the issues of interest on some of the other boards we frequent.

susheboy talks DMOZ listings PornCity:

EddieK talks business with others TripleXGay:

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This Week's Top Converting Sites

Ask Webmaster Dan ....

#1 - Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off

Again STILL at #1 - SAGJO just keeps setting new performance benchmarks !

1 in 131

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off

This week we return to our usual series, where our Tech Guru, WebmasterDan, answers all of those hard questions .......

1. When do you expect to Get MPA3 Up ?

Currently we are hoping to have MPA3 up and running around the end of the month. This of course will only happen if everything goes exactly to plan. Realistically, we expect it to launch mid July. We have ordered the Software as well as server upgrades. It is now just a matter of waiting for our host and MPA3 to do their thing.

2. Will I have to change my linking codes after the MPA3 implementation ?

More then likely yes. If this is a big issue please let us know. We fully intend to try and incorporate a work around to avoid this, but we will not know the full ability to do this until it is up and running on our server. I will be loading MPA3 onto a separate server to where CuriousCash and the sites themselves currently live so we will be able to test and modify before going live.

3. Are you over your server issues of late?  If so what is happening with the FHG's ?

The answer to this is both "yes" and "no". The problems have gone away, however we still not have a valid reason to the initial issues, so we are left banging our heads against a wall trying to sort this. Upon the installation of MPA3 CuriousCash will be moved to a different host. Now with the FHG's we honestly could not tell you if they will be loaded again or not. The new 2257 laws as well as the CuriousCash upgrade have sort of paused this issue for us at the moment, but I hope we will be able to offer something of equal benefit when launching the new version of CuriousCash. As I have previously advised however, if you want a copy of the FHG's then let me know so we can send you to the location to download them.

More hard questions for WebmasterDan?  Email them today -

# 2 - Amateur Straight Boy Videos

And again, ASBV just keeps kicking goal after goal
up at the top !

1 in 157

Amateur Straight Boy Videos

# 3 - Teen Boy Models

Hanging in there in the top 3, TBM shows why it is our frontline site for surfers.

1 in

Teen Boy Models

Just For Laughs Part # 1 :-)

Just For Laughs Part # 2 :-)

The Little Leprechaun

  A leprechaun walks into a bar, and he sees a sign that says: "Win a pot of gold if you can make the donkey laugh."


The leprechaun decided to go for it, whispered in the donkey's ear, and he succeeded in making the donkey laugh.


So he goes to the bartender and asks for his pot of gold.


The bartender says, "Ok, but first you have to tell us how you did it."


The leprechaun says, "I cannot tell you, it's a little leprechaun secret."


So the bartender says, "Then I can't give you the pot of gold."


The leprechaun gets very angry and walks off.


He comes back the next day and sees a sign that says: "Win a pot of gold if you can make the donkey cry."


So the leprechaun again whispers in the donkey's ear, shows him something, and sure enough, he makes the donkey cry.


He goes up to the bartender and asks for his pot of gold.


But the bar attendant tells him, "First you have to tell me how you did it.


So the leprechaun says, "Alright, yesterday I told him that I have a bigger penis then him, and today I showed him."

Overlooked Harry Potter Sequels


Harry Potter and the Throbbing Muscle of Love


Harry Potter and the Revenge of Montezuma

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer from NAMBLA

Harry Potter and the Painful Rectal Itch

Harry Potter and the Decline of Literacy

Harry Potter and the Sticky March Issue of Hustler

Harry Potter and the Sorceress's Sore

Harriet Potter after the Life-Altering Surgery

Harry Potter and the Curse of the Lisp

Harry Potter and the Inflatable Sheep

Harry Potter and Spinning Grave of Tolkien

Harry Potter and the Trenchcoat Mafia

Harry Potter and the Carnivorous Pony

Harry Potter and the Over-Hyped Children's Author and Clever Marketing Campaign

Harry Potter and the Unexplainable Wad of Tissues


Harry Potter and Miss January


Harry Potter and the Gay Dance Bar


Harry Potter and the Faulty Condom

We Thought You Might Enjoy This


We Thought You Might Enjoy This

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