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16th December 2005
CuriousCash - Passion Pays
G'day Affiliates !

And another big week at Casa De La CuriousCash brings us to a week before Christmas, but here EVERY creature is stirring, even the mouse !

Don't forget our "Christmas Bonus" competition (down the bottom of this), for an extra $5.00 per join for your Xmas Stocking - a bunch of affiliates have ALREADY qualifies and it's not too late for you !

This week we have new boy movies, a new site nearing completion, some further members area revamps to aid our already impressive retention and some upgrades to our marketing tools.  We are also tweaking our payment system a little, and we now offer FREE wire transfers for minimum payouts of $350 !  Get into the members and update your details !!

We cracked our Cybersocket Award cherry this year, with multiple nominations in multiple industry and surfer categories and we are keenly looking forward to the award ceremony at Internext in Vegas, where hopefully CuriousTim and CuriousToyBoy will make more than a couple of trips up to the stage to collect awards !  On top of our XBiz Award nomination, 2006 has been an amazing year for CuriousCash and our affiliates !!

Now recently our very own CuriousTim celebrated his 30th anniversary of his 21st birthday, and to celebrate he flew by light plane CuriousToyBoy, CuriousJesse, Bullet and himself to a small country town a few hundred kilometers outside of Brisbane for a "Day on the Green".  No, not a marijuana smoking fest, but a huge outdoor concert with some of Australia's top acts playing.  It was a simply sensational afternoon and evening, and the fact that no-one except Tim (and the pilot of course!!) knew where we were going until we landed made for a HUGE surprise for all.  Unfortunately, WebmasterDan had a cricket game to win and couldn't join us.  Get a look at the pictures by clicking here.

Also added to our gallery, for your absolute amusement, is a bit of a blast from the past.  You may remember that CuriousTim and CuriousToyBoy visited Prague in the Czech Republic earlier in the year to attend AOE.  Well, ToyBoy being ToyBoy, had some fun with the locals searching for the mysterious "cunnilingus" and "fellatio".  Really funny stuff captured on video by Mark (Ace) from Naughty America.  Have a real giggle by clicking here.

Pictures and video of all of our travels are always added to our gallery, located HERE.

CuriousToyBoy departs this weekend on another of his infamous "Magical Mystery Tours", starting with a bash with webmasters in Vancouver Canada on Tuesday 20th December and then after a quiet Christmas in Seattle Washington with friends, he shoots through to Amsterdam for New Years with our friends from before he eventually lands in Vegas to meet CuriousTim for Internext.

You live in any of those far reaching locales?  Want him to buy you a drink? Send that email to !!

This will probably be our last update to you before Christmas, so may we take this opportunity to wish you, your family and friends a very safe, happy and exciting holiday season !

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

The CuriousCash Crew

NEW SITES IN DEVELOPMENT. We currently have several new sites in development which we anticipate to launch prior to Internext. One is . This site is dedicated to the fine Australian Male ass and the content focuses entirely on this. We also have a very innovative concept underway which we are nearing completion on. More will be revealed soon.

Bonus Site Access. We have Value Added Memberships to our Premium Sites. AllAustralianBoys, TeenBoyModels & AustralianMales have been significantly Value Added. For no additional membership cost. and have been added to the back end of these sites. Usually surfers pay up to $34.95 to be members of each, of these bonus sites but now they get access absolutely FREE

On & surfers will get access to for FREE. This Value Adding of our Premium sites makes it even easier to convert you traffic you send us.

Marketing Tool Revamp. Due to the complexity of current marketing material we will be reprogramming this area over the next few weeks to simplify linking codes for all of our affiliates. All of the codes you are currently using will continue to work as they are standard MPA3 Codes. The new codes and material will sit next to the current material so there will be no issues with linking codes.

DRM of Boy Movies is finally starting to come together. Our video files are now on the Streaming Server, we are just having a few issues getting them to work properly but all will be sorted soon. DRM will be investigated at Internext and expect a revamp of Boy-Movies to also come online shortly

NEW Boy Movie - Straight Boy Seduction - Body Boy Gets Done: At 6' 3" and 214lbs Sabre is a gentle giant. Sabre spends most of his time in the gym working out, he has been in many bodybuilding competitions and enjoys showing off his well sculpted body. He loves showing off all the hard work that he has put into making his body what it is today.

Modeling was just a natural step after bodybuilding, its just another way for Sabre to show off his body and get paid for it. If you think his body is hot wait until you see his arse, wow. Sabre really put on a show for the camera and when he came it was like a water fountain spitting across the room. Check it out at


As a special bonus for affiliates for Christmas, CuriousCash is offering an extra special for affiliates to amp up the presents under their trees !

$5 bonus per join sent between the 1st and the 24th of December !

Affiliates need send only 35 joins during that same period to ANY of the 30+ exclusive and original content CuriousCash sites to qualify for this bonus that will be added to their first January payment.

Affiliates who qualify just need to email WebmasterDan on once they have reached the qualifying mark and he will take care of the rest !


James is from the UK and was drawn to Australia by the amazing weather and great people. He has traveled through most of Europe and enjoys playing soccer on the weekends.

One of his fantasies is very naughty, “A fly on the wall type scenario” said James. As I was preparing the dvd for James to watch he had a shower to freshen up, I slid open the door and his cock was already rock hard. When he came back into the studio with just a towel his dick pushed through the towel as he sat down on the couch, very hot! Click Here To See More


After many requests from you all, we have got Sabre back to do a second shoot. This time we took him down to the beach were his muscle bound body looks at home. There are heaps of great pics of his hot body all wet in his tiny white boxer shorts.

What a sight to see, this hot body boy at the gloryhole. After a bit of persuasion and a little more money Sabre was all for the idea. Check out how horny he is once Dave latches onto his hard cock. He couldn’t help himself but to blow his hot load everywhere.
Click Here To See More

How do I use the Marketing Material Section of CuriousCash ?
Over the past couple of weeks I have found several people have come to me and informed me the navigation of the Marketing Material area is hard and confusing to use. When I programmed this I thought it was straight forward, however now that I have gone back to it I also feel it is extremely hard to navigate. Due to this I will be reprogramming this entire section over the next few weeks. Any MPA3 links you are currently using will remain the same as they will essentially be the complicated way to link to the site, and I am going to simplify the whole section and links to enable much easier use.

My Checks seem to take some time to process at the bank, why is this ?
CuriousCash is not an American Operation therefore when we issue checks the American Bank needs to validate the check with our Bank and this can take time. To try and expedite the time from payout to the money being available in your account we recommend you choose Wire as your preferred payment method and set your minimum payout amount to $500. If you do this we will waive the transfer fee. Alternatively we are looking at better check issues methods and also Epassporte and Funds2Go.

CuriousCash has always been on the cutting edge of technology, however we have not seen any major advances of late, will you be bringing anything new and innovative to us soon ?
You bet ! We will have 1 new niche site online prior to Internext as well as a complete revamp of Boy-Movies will also be undertaken once our streaming server is bedded down 100% . We also have a few very innovative sites currently in development which will allow you to market into a new and quickly expanding market. We will let you know more about this over the next few weeks as we grow closer to launch.

Top 10 Tips For New Designers
(By CJ -

10) Style Sheets are your best friend
Until DHTML was invented, traditional print designers struggled with making html do the things they were used to doing in other software. DHTML is the designers programming language, with basic tags that control elements across an entire site. Style Sheets give you flexibility with word and letter spacing, a variety of 2d & 3d borders on tables, and control over the exact placement of elements on a page using layers.

9) Keep Everything to build your design assets
Sometimes, you may stumble on a set of filters or effects that look absolutely amazing, but that don't suit your current design at all. Make a new document and drag all of those layers into it, including filters or even a brief explanation of what you did. Save that document in a 'working' folder and add to it every time you have an idea that doesn't necessarily fit into what you are working on at the time. In almost 9 years of designing, I have around 50 gig of these types of files - and because of this, I am never short of a design idea, and my employees are able to use these elements to work in a totally different direction they may never have thought of. Every element that may shorten the time it takes you to complete a site, is a valuable designers asset.

8) Design for your Audience
Perhaps this is more relevant to me as I focus on designing for women, but I notice often that designers tend to design what they like rather than trying to put themselves into the position of the audience who will be surfing, and potentially spending money, at the site. Presentation (design) is the most important element of marketing, so if you are making design choices based on how many letters will fit into a space, you aren't putting your audience first.

7) Using Photographs in Designs
If you stand in front of a magazine stand and cast your eyes across the 'designs' of covers, you'll notice the photo on the front cover controls 99% of the design. Where the photo has black spots controls text placement, the colors in the photo influence the colors of text titles and the old saying applies - a picture tells a thousand words. Perhaps a better example than tabloid magazines is design magazines - interior design, architecture, advertising etc. If you have just the right photo, with just the right text, there is no more effective way to get your message across.

6) Learn how to compress images effectively
If an image isn't compressed effectively, a site can end up being 10 times bigger than it needs to be, so compressing pics is extremely important. Deciding whether an image should be a gif or a jpeg is something many seem to struggle with, but there is a simple rule I use to decide how to save an image. Jpeg is a pixel based compression format, which removes a certain amount of the pixels from an image based on the jpeg compression you choose. GIF format uses a web safe color palette of 256 colors, but you can choose exactly how many colors an image contains to make the size smaller.

The basic rule is that a photo should almost always be jpeg, and text should almost always be a GIF. Black text on a white background would be a gif, and when you save it you have the option to chose colors. While the only 2 colors are black and white, there are about 4 levels of grey which form the anti-aliasing around the edge of a letter, so you would set this image at about 10 colors. Photos which are black and white or which have few colors may be smaller as a gif than as a jpeg, so save it as both and check the file size of each to be sure.

5) Consistency creates Continuity
If your site uses a design element on the front page, but uses an entirely different element on every other page, you may as well not bother calling it a design. Before you set about building the content pages of any site, decide on your template by creating standards in a single document. Decide on a standard bullet point for displaying point form information, a dividing line to separate blocks of information, a font and color for main and secondary titles, and a font, color and size for block text. Attention to detail is extremely important - like making sure the tables and navigation are all the same width and positioned in the same place on the page are the difference between a site where the surfer flows from page to page, and a site where the server flows to somewhere else.

4) If you are color blind, stick with safe combinations
80% of a design is controlled by the colors ... the best design in the world will look like crap if its made up of colors that clash. There has been much research done into the psychology of color, and you can find a past article I've written on this in the archives. Try this experiement with a basic table that has cellspacing and cellpadding set to 5, 2 colums with several rows and the border set to 1 pixel #cccccc. Using a WYSIWYG editor, make each cell a different color, try every combination until you find one that works. If in doubt, use various shades of grey with 1 bold highlight color - see for an example of an effective use of grey's and a normally offensive color, lime green.

3) Take inspiration from everything around you.
One of my favorite places to get design inspiration is the intro's of television programs, and the station id's that are dropped between shows - these have incredible graphics, even if they are only 5 - 15 seconds long. The News is also an interesting program to watch, as even the boxes with headlines across the bottom are a design, with elements most eyes wouldn't notice. Then of course there are the obvious ones like magazines, ads, business cards etc. I am a big fan of free postcards that you find in cafe's, and have collected about 1000 over the years - these are designed to achieve similar things to a paysite tour, making them a great place for inspiration.

2) Keep it simple ... and walk before you run.
A major key to being a good designer is knowing how to work within your limitations. If you aren't yet sure how to implement your ideas in a clean, aesthetically pleasing way, do something less complicated. Some of the best designs are little more than block colors with light grey table borders and a dot next to every heading.

1) Learn when to say 'that is good enough', so you can finish more sites.
One of the biggest mistakes made by designers while they are learning is to spend unnecessary amounts of time nudging a layer a few pixels to the left or right, deciding on a totally new design or adding new elements just for the sake of getting all those ideas into 1 design. If you are aiming towards a career as a designer, you'll have plenty of time to use bevel, overlay and outer glow, so you don't need to use every idea in each design.

Also appeared in Klixxx

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