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Volume 2 Edition 7
23 March 2005


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The World According To CuriousCash

Have You Checked Out.....

Surprise !

We are still here.  Or should we say ToyBoy is still here.  Settling in and acclimatizing to his new "3rd World" home has been a battle, which accounts for the lack of recent updates.  Apologies to all and now that the Asian heat and humidity is not causing him to collapse in a roaring heat anymore, we can expect things to remain on track - even with the upcoming junkets planned below !!

WOW, so much to say it's hard to know where to start with this update !  From the beginning works I expect !!

So, without any further adieu, let's start the ball rolling !

We have a PILE of pictures and a bunch of small & short cellphone videos of our recent trips to Sydney for the 2006 Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras (a blast) and the Gold Coast (as big a blast) and even some from Chad from the GayVN Awards in Los Angeles !!  Unfortunately, with our server move (also see below) these will not be up for your viewing pleasure until next week - but better late than never as we always say !  Watch this space to get direct access !

Be sure to watch out for the one which proves that ChadKnowsLaw actually DOES snore, regardless of his protestations to the contrary.  The evidence is in counsellor, and it ain't looking good !!  As a sidebar people, you would snore too if you shared a room with ToyBoy - he is the ultimate night-time freight train !!

We had a great time sharing Sydney and The Gold Coast with Matt Deak and Jerry Carver from Freya Cmmunications, and Chad Belville from Administration Services International rounded out our fun little group.  Much mirth, much humor and a hell of a lot of fun was had by all and the tears were real at our airport parting.

This update will pretty much be all about us - we even booted our usual advertisers to make space to tell you all that is happening !  We have everything from new sites, to new hosting to new processing to new business models to new boy models to talk about - and boy-o-boy, aren't we excited about the year ahead !!!

Remember that BOTH CuriousTim and CuriousToyBoy will now be in Phoenix at the Forum and the following month will also be in Prague for Adult Online Europe (with a couple of days in Amsetrdam and then London to follow !).  Email us if you want some of our time, get Tom on or ToyBoy on

We will ALWAYS make time to meet and talk with the most important part of our business - you guys, our affiliates !

We also have some big news regarding our processing and also our members area down below.  Trials?  Did someone say trials?  He he.  TOLD you it was a HUGE update !  See the box next door !

We also have introductions to our four (4) newest boy models - Dave, Remmington, Jock and Matt !  CuriousTim has been madly interviewing and shooting new boys as our stable of fresh and exclusive models rapidly approaches the 250 mark !  What an amazing job he does too - each new boy just seems to top the last in the hot stakes.  Tim continues to do what Tim does best !!

Check out everything in this edition folks, it will be WELL worth your bank balance to do so immediately !

There are a few things we have had in the pipeline for some time that we also hope to have sorted finally over the next few weeks - our new processing and back end system will make that all possible.

Now everyone make sure you and you families ALL have a happy and safe Easter weekend and we'll see you on the flipside, with next week's edition coming to you "live and direct" from the desert - the 2006 Phoenix Forum !

The CuriousCash Crew

CuriousCash Releases It's Most Successful First Month Performance Site - EVER !!!

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off

We are so proud - our newest site has proven to be our most successful first-month site ever !

When recently we added our 31st site to CuriousCash, we expected good things, but we hardly expected it to be proven to such an immediate success !!

It has been the MOST successful site we have ever launched if measured over a month from launch date, and it has the title 3 ways - most joins, best conversion ratio (front page hits to actual joins) and best financial performance !!  Almost too good to be true.

If you are promoting CuriousCash and NOT promoting this little gem YOU are missing out on big bank !!

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off




Amateur Straight Boy Videos

Recently, and without making a big splash about it (we didn't want a bunch of new traffic artificially boosting the performance figures) we introduced trial joins to a number of our secondary sites as an exercise in testing the water for a permanent introduction.

This test proved a runaway success!!

One test site, saw new joins jump 512% with trials, but also saw it's income level increase dramatically as well !!

All sites in the trial proved massive winners, so therefore, until further notice, trials will remain on that site and the following sites to boot:

Get in an update your links today and rest assured, we will continue to trial and test things that result in these types of benefits to all !!

New & In The Pipeline

Quick & Convenient Links

==> is in the process of moving to more servers. True mirroring will eventuate as we do this is in stages so as not to upset any apple carts. Should be completely across soon enough.

==> NATS will soon be integrated as our back end engine and processing system !  We are just waiting on a couple of our key processors we use to get their act sorted out with their NATS integration so we can then move CuriousCash across to this system. We were told all would be sorted by end of March, but as per usual with Technology things are taking longer then expected. We will roll this out as soon as they are ready for us.  You will then get TRUE credit for multi-processor cascading billing, far more comprehensive and reliable real-time online stats and a new CuriousCash members area that is much easier to navigate and get the tools you need working for you !  It has been a long road, but one worth waiting for !

==> has been rebuilt on it's new server and Webmaster Dan is just ironing out the final few bugs - get over there register and post !!!!

==> gets another kick with 2 brand new and totally exclusive hot videos now only a week away!

==> will be over the integration problems with the NATS introduction and you will then be able to go hard on this pink and purple dollar targeted gem of a site !!

==> is on hold until we sort a few issues. Expect to Launch end of April.

==> Custom Exits are almost there. You will have individual exit chain choice on ALL of our sites.  We delayed this to ensure we had it right for ALL sites.

==> Updated FHG Text File has been handed over to Jesse to take care of. Will be sorted in next few days.

==> Meds/Rx/Pharmacy program is also on hold, waiting for final reliability checks with the suppliers.

==> BMPoker is still with the backend provider and should be with you soon.

==> PokerRoomCash is going through final testing and setup. Again, should be a week or 2 at most.

==> SMS/Cellphone expansion going ahead strongly, with Webmaster Dan continuing negotiations with several SMS and premium rate providers throughout the globe and we are hoping to bring a few of these to fruition in the very near future. We have meetings organized with Several companies in April, to enable us to establish a Global Solution. April will be busy as these meetings will be in Australia, Prague and London.

==> for sales of exclusive content shooting is underway! We are in negotiations with models and photographers to meet the already strong demand. Development of this site has now commenced and we expect role out to be end of April. If you are interested in distributing your photographic content through us please shoot Tim an email -

==> and, our twin gay and straight dating sites are soon to be fully integrated in our system - this in concert with our new back end systems which will allow this to take place.

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Get To Know Our Boy Models


Dave epitomises the fresh face of the Australian sportsman - click his pic.


New boy Remmington has a body of STEEL ! Pun intended - click for more.


Aussie Rules player Jock is a delight - click his pic to see just why !!


Oh the blond surfer boy locks on Matt are to die for!  Click his picture.

This Week's Top Converting Sites

CuriousCash Q & A

#1 - Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off

The domain name may be a mouthful, but stuff it with the cash it is making !!

1 in 104

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off


Q. Why is it that not all sites have stats visible within the CuriousCash members area ?

A. When we redeveloped CuriousCash we built our own Custom Stats package which is all PHP based. Since the development of this we have expanded from just running PHP websites to now running Dating Sites that are in ColdFusion and SMS sites which are in ASP. The diverse source of Programming Languages we now use makes it hard to keep everything working together. As a result of this we have been trying to overcome the issue and have decided the best way to do it is to use a program like NATS. NATS has already done all the hard work in development and testing and has proven to be quite a solid product. This means all sites will be able to be tracked without issue, as well as this a whole lot more functionality will come into the CuriousCash system. We just need the additional processor we would like to use on our affiliate program to complete their integration with the NATS System before we go ahead with the complete restructure of CuriousCash. We are extremely eager to get this done, but for now we just have to wait. Hopefully not for too much longer.

Q. Why do different sites have different link codes?

A. This is due to similar reasons as above. With the diverse Languages we use different sites have different requirements. And example of this is the SMS site . We do not host this site nor is it in php. SO it makes it very hard and insecure to run our standard tracking on this. So to overcome I get you guys to use your CCBill ID so you are assured your sales will be captured.

Q. Why do you use our CCBill username as our id and not the CCBill ID. Also why do you capture our CCBill Details when we signup?

A. That is simply because it is our program, and in order for us to service you we need to have this information. You are technically signing up to CuriousCash, not CCBill, so we are responsible for looking after you. Also if at any stage CCBill was to go out of business or we were to add an additional processor we have the flexibility to integrate you straight away, without you having to lift a finger. Please also note that as you are one of our affiliates we do have access to your details through CCBill as well, and if you do have any concerns with using your Username or us having access to your password, please feel free to email me to change the id you use or email CCBill to change your password. This may stop a few things in the backend of Curious Cash working for you, but at least you will feel more secure.

Get those hard questions over to WebmasterDan on

# 1 - Amateur Straight Boy Videos

The trial joins on ASBV she it shoot through the roof !  Time to bank people !!

1 in 174

Amateur Straight Boy Videos

# 3 - Mobile Men

MobileMen stays VERY strong, but pushed to number 3 with the others !

1 in 219

Mobile Men

# 4 - Teen Boy Models

Our flagship in multi languages keeps it strong and flourishing !

1 in

Teen Boy Models

Just For Laughs Part # 1 :-)

Just For Laughs Part # 2 :-)

Demand for a Raise

"Boss, I've got to have a raise," the salesman said to his sales manager.

"There are three other companies after me."

"Is that a fact?" the manager asked. "What other companies are after you?"

"The electric company, the phone company, and the gas company."

Damn Penguins


A man was driving down the road with twenty penguins in the back seat.  The police stop him and say that he can't drive around with the penguins in the car and should take them to the zoo.  The man agrees and drives off. The next day the same man is driving down the road with twenty penguins in the back and again.


He is stopped by the same police officer who says, "Hey! I though I told you to take those to the zoo."


The man replies "I did. Today I'm taking them to the movies." "

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We Thought You Might Enjoy This

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