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Volume 2 Edition 8
13 April 2005


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The World According To CuriousCash

Hi There Everyone !

Should come as no surprise to everyone that while ToyBoy was away gallivanting around the countryside, there was no update from us here at CuriousCash !

OK, moral of THIS story is that in future, even with the best of intentions, there will NOT be a CuriousCash update while ToyBoy is away.  Unless of course the odd miracle is performed overnight with nothing.

So.... because ToyBoy and CuriousTim will be in Prague for Adult Online Europe and then onto meet with some of our friends in Amsterdam and London after that, this will be the last update until the first week of May.

As we said, miracles notwithstanding of course !! ;-)

WebmasterDan came to the rescue last week, getting each of you the opportunity to have your say on the future of CuriousCash.  Thanks to those who have already responded to our "Moving Forward With Curious Cash" email questionnaire, and we look forward to a bunch of responses from those still contemplating what to say.  If you did not receive the email about this please let know post haste !!

In coming editions we hope to summarize what many of you have felt - so keep the responses streaming in !!

Anyway, at long last our pics are up from the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and Gold Coast adventure from early March - our server change over's caused the delay for which we apologize profusely !!  Shoot on over to for a peek (here will work direct).

CCBill did an amazing job with Phoenix Forum - see the special article to the left for all the details and links to some VERY special pics.  See below in this edition for the cutest damn snow angel you ever did see !!  He he.

This edition again is loaded with news ad info - biggest news is the widely reported problems with NATS.  This impacts our plans greatly, and we would be silly (both for us and for you guys) not to consider carefully our next move in backend and processing systems.  See the report and links to some of the news below.

On the bright side, we have 2 new models, new full-length boy movies, updated plans, new and complete FHG text file for you all, some excellent "hard" questions answered by WebmasterDan and a bunch of our usual facts, figures, jokes and more.  We also introduce our "From" regular feature, where we link some of the prime posts form the BentBoard each issue.

Nothing stands still in the land of CuriousCash (nor the adult biz generally for that matter !) and we continue to strive to be the very best we can for the 2 most important parts of our business - our surfers who make us all the money and you good people, our affiliates who make the whole show possible !!!

Now how could we possibly not talk about our INCREDIBLE growth?  To the right we thank one and all for their contribution in making March our biggest month EVER !  So excellent to see the sales figures from so many of you reaching new and greater heights each week !  But we are not finished yet !

Watch this space !!

The CuriousCash Crew

T H A N K   Y O U
For Making March 2005 The BEST Month Ever !!!

CuriousCash soared a staggering 47% in revenue during March - following on from the previous staggering record month February !!

For a great many of you - this means your bank account will swell accordingly as a result !!

Many things have contributed to this amazing performance leap, but there have been some key factors to this spectacular growth spurt .......

The limited introduction of trials on some CuriousCash sites has seen many of you increase conversion ratios to levels well beyond our expectations - has been performing incredibly on this basis !!

Another huge factor has been the launch of our 33rd site -

This site actually recorded our highest first month revenue of any site we have EVER released. If you are not already promoting it I recommend you get on over to CuriousCash and grab your linking codes.

Our established premium sites, especially and also continued to excel.

While we are delighted with this result and be assured we will not rest on our laurels but continue to be at the cutting edge of new innovations and fresh approaches to keep the bank rolling in for everyone !!!

So once again I thank you for your support and hope to also thank you at the end of this month for making April even better !!!


The Phoenix Forum

A big shout out to all our old and new friends that we met with, played with and partied with at the Phoenix Forum - for a COMPLETE run-down go visit ToyBoy's Blog at

The usual pics and links to ALL the pictures we know about can be accessed by clicking here.

For those who weren’t able to make it and for those of you who want to refresh yourself on some of the valuable information that this year’s seminar series offered, CCBill are again offering archived copies of each panel for your viewing pleasure:



New & In The Pipeline

Quick Links

==> NATS is the big story of the week.  To put it mildly, there have been some "issues" reported widely across the adult internet.  This has impacted our plans greatly and many of the things we hoped to have integrated and added to CuriousCash.  We are reconsidering MPA3 and also contemplating our own internal system, but WebmasterDan is master of that domain until we see the forest for the trees.  Accept our apologies, but we are sure you will agree it is better NOT to implement something that may have major problems than risk your money and ours. Read about the "issues" that have arisen here, here, here, here and here.

==> has released a new format for our galleries !!  We are just fighting bandwidth at the moment due to all the server moves (see below) and Upgrades we are currently doing.  New system is like, allowing users to go direct to model movie clips and view a slideshow of each model from their gallery page.

==> server moving is a ongoing pain in the ass (as anyone who has ever added and moved servers will know), and is a process we HAVE to get right the first time. It is progressing slowly, but the true mirroring that will eventuate will be worth the wait.  See Ask WebmasterDan below for more details.

==> should be ready for full official launch in May !!  The delay is 100% due to ToyBoy's gallivanting around the globe, for which he apologizes, but is not sorry ;-)  Seriously, get on over and register and see the new regular feature down below !!

==> has2 brand new and totally exclusive hot videos now up and running !!  We will also be releasing a new movie weekly until the end of April.

==> integration is also impacted greatly by the NATS issues.  We will keep you informed as we work things out here.

==> unfortunately now remains on hold until we have the NATS related issues sorted out.  Better to do things right the first time .....

==> Custom Exits will be finished within the next week ! You will have individual exit chain choice on ALL of our sites.  See Ask WebmasterDan below for more !!

==> Updated FHG Text File IS COMPLETE !!  Thanks to Jesse who picked up the ball when Digital Jay went MIA on us !!  Get into the members are .

==> Med's/Rx/Pharmacy program is still on hold, waiting for final reliability checks with the suppliers.  gain we HAVE to get this right first time.

==> BoyModelsPoker and PokerRoomCash are also becoming painful.  The backend provider has not yet fulfilled their obligations and we will let you know what the story is and soon as we know.  More apologies !!

==> SMS/Cellphone expansion has meetings organized with several companies this month - in Australia, Prague and London !!  Watch this space !!

==> is on track for this month sometime.  Get to buy and sell exclusive content and get full sales commission credit when launched with an appropriate biller (a small problem here because the ticket prices can be VERY large), but we will integrate as soon as we are able !!

==> and integration are also heavily impacted with the NATS issues.  Again, we will keep you posted.

==> promotion gets a huge boost - in the next week or so, some 18 sets (many up to 100 pics !) will be added to the members area for download for you to use in promotion - TGP's, freesites and AVS sites galore are possible from this.  Go hard !!

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Jordan has one amazing body. Click his pic to see more and watch his video !



Hot model Rick epitomizes the Australian sports jock - click his pic for more.

Over At

Welcome to our new regular feature, a small section to keep you updated on what has been going on at in recent times.

When we formally launch in May, expect some very interesting things over there..

In the meantime, here is what has been happening recently from some of our small group of already dedicated posters ;-)

GayStoryman gets angry with good reason:

Raven makes her appearance:

PJ Verotel talks Commodore 64:

This Week's Top Converting Sites

CuriousCash Q & A

#1 - Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off

Still proving to be a conversion winner - gets better by the day !!

1 in 109

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off


Why is it my Stats in CCBill differ to my Stats in the Curious Cash System ?

This is due to the fact that we rely on CCBill to supply us with the data which is dynamically done at signup.

If things don’t transfer across properly or if a user happens to refresh the page that sends us the info it will show odd information - they are not wrong, just different.

If you want to track your sales it is always best to view CCBill Stats. Our plans to implement a better solution are now tied up in our review of the plans to use NATS as talked about above in this update..

You seem to be moving Servers a lot lately. Why is this?

As we continue to grow we often see the need to improve our systems.  This includes expanding and improving our infrastructure to meet the needs of our members and of our affiliates - as we grow so must our backbone.

Anyone who knows how we are running would know that our primary server which holds the important data never really goes down.

However the one running CuriousCash does. We have spent many months trying to find out why this is and as a result have decided to throw money at it and upgrade the boxes on which this operates.

Now it is highly possible the problems are caused by scripting with CuriousCash itself which is why we are also currently looking at upgrading our software.

Our aim is to give you the best service possible, so if our equipment is not allowing us to do this then we must fix it.

We are also developing fairly complex mirroring systems to ensure 99% uptime (I would say 100%, but sometimes freaky things do happen).

Why is it some jobs seem to sit in the “In the Pipeline” for so long and then have due dates extend?

This is due to several reasons. What you see in the In the Pipeline is the work issued on the work schedule.

Now that is not all we have to do day to day. Some of the stuff blows out due to issues we did not see arising, and also say if we have a server glitch, we are am going to fix that first and put everything else on the back burner.

A good example for you is the Exit Consoles. This was originally delayed as when we started work on this we were getting emails left right and center on how to be the pop up blockers. SO we were constantly testing these scripts out, finding one would work for one thing and not the other, and still to this day we do not have a script that effectively gets around Service Pack 2 and Google Toolbar (Hey, if anybody does, please email me a copy).

So after trying all these scripts for several months we then decided to try and just get them up. At this stage I had the idea to make it so you can pick different exits for each site instead of just being universal. So I started programming this, but other more important stuff was now piling up on our plate so production stopped.  Such is the life of a large program - our first concern must ALWAYS be to process new members and ensure our affiliates sales are tracked effectively.  Would you want it any other way ?

Get those hard questions over to WebmasterDan on

# 2 - Amateur Straight Boy Videos

Now people know there are trials ASBV makes more huge headway !!

1 in 123

Amateur Straight Boy Videos

# 3 - Mobile Men

MobileMen stays at #3 and continues to impress with outstanding results !

1 in 202

Mobile Men

# 4 - Teen Boy Models

Surfers just love our TeenBoyModels ! Again improves this week.

1 in 230

Teen Boy Models

# 5 - Asian West Boys

Our crossover East meets West site gets some good attention !!

1 in 276


Just For Laughs Part # 1 :-)

Just For Laughs Part # 2 :-)

3 Vampires

There were these three vampires who regularly met in the same place late at night to swap blood curdling stories.

At these gatherings, each one of them was boasting about their "vampiric" abilities to one another.

Vampire A said, "Look at that mansion over there on the hill !  I can finish all of its inhabitants within 10 minutes !"

And so he flew to the mansion, and 9 minutes later, he came back with his mouth filled with blood, looking satisfied with himself.

Vampire B then said, "Bah! Look at that village down there in the valley ! Give me 5 minutes !"

He flew to the village, returned at the next 5 minutes, with his mouth filled with dripping red blood.

Vampire C then yelled, "Pffft! Look at the TOWN over there beyond the valley !  Give me 3 minutes !"

He flew to the direction of the town, and one minute later, he returned with his mouth filled with blood.

Vampire A and B stared at him with amazement, then immediately asked, "How come you have such speed, friend ?"

Vampire C pointed at the direction of the town, then asked them, "Do you see that BIG grain silo over there ?"

"Yes !" answered the other 2.

"Well I DIDN'T !!!"

A Bar Of Gold


A guy comes home absolutely and completely drunk this one night.


He lurches through the door and is met by his scowling wife, who is most definitely not happy.


"Where the hell have you been all night?" she demands.

"At this fantastic new bar," he says. "The Golden Saloon. Everything there is golden. It's got huge golden doors, a golden floor, the works - hell, even the urinal's gold!"

The wife still doesn't believe his story, and so the next day she checks the phone book, finding a place across town called the Golden Saloon. She calls up the place to check her husband's story.

"Is this the Golden Saloon?" she asks when the bartender answers the phone.


"Yes it is," bartender answers.

"Do you have huge golden doors?"

"Sure do."


"Do you have golden floors?"

"Most certainly do."

"What about golden urinals?"

There's a long pause, then the woman hears the bartender yelling, "Hey, Duke, I think I got a lead on the guy that pissed in your saxophone last night!"

We Thought You Might Enjoy This


Thanks muchly to Raven ( & and AaronM ( for an amazing couple of days in Washington and especially our little day trip to Mt Rainier to let me see snow !!

We Thought You Might Enjoy This

As always courtesy of our good friends at - check them out today !

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