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24th January 2006
CuriousCash - Passion Pays
G'day Affiliates !

And a very happy New Year to everyone, their workmates, friends and families !!!

We truly hope that the Christmas and New year season treated you all well and was a happy and healthy time for all !!

To bring in 2006, we have a MASSIVE edition for you !!  MAKE SURE YOU READ IT ALL - There are new ways to make bank, increased revshare rates on less amounts of joins, new and improved tools, new models, a new site, an AMAZING new affiliate promotion for 2006 and much, much more !!!  Oh, and make sure you read RIGHT to the very end.. where a surprise awaits !

CuriousTim and CuriousToyBoy have now returned from their world adventures over Christmas and the New Year - ToyBoy was in Seattle, Washington for a Webmaster gathering, then In Vancouver, then Seattle again for Christmas, then Amsterdam for New Year with the team, then through Phoenix to Las Vegas (on a road trip with Attorney, Chad Belville of!!) where he hooked up with CuriousTim for Vegas Internext.

WHEW !  We just cannot keep up with the guy.  Check out the pics in our galleries by clicking here.

Next stop on our never-ending trips are CuriousToyBoy in Costa Rica for in late February and then CuriousTim and ToyBoy in Phoenix for at the end of March.  We are undecided as yet on Berlin in mid April for

As you read all of the new and exciting information below, you will see that 2006 is going to be an incredible year for CuriousCash, and we are so happy to have each and every one of you along for the ride !!

Remember to contact any of us again at anytime for anything !!


The CuriousCash Crew

NEW IPOD SITE NEARS COMPLETION. In the last Newsletter we mentioned a new innovative site was in production. This is our Brand New IPOD / PSP / 3GP Download Site. We have completed the general programming of this site and are now just trying to resolve Processing Issues.

Teen Boy Ass Goes Live. To coincide with Internext we Launched our new site . This site is dedicated to the fine Australian male rump and features over 200 models showing off their ass. Their is also a "Rate That Ass" section which allows our members to load their own pics and rate others.

Marketing Tool Revamp COMPLETED! Yes we know the old system was a complete mess and hard to work with, but that was the past. The whole section has now been reprogrammed and includes simpler linking codes with majority of sections automatically embedding your codes to make things as simple as we can. IF you have any suggestions for further improvements let us know and we will put them in place.

OVER 2500 FREE PICS ADDED! To assist in your advertising endeavours we have added a new collection of 235 Models each with approximately 10 pics per set. The new Model sets contain 30+ pics, however we limited the older sets. Get in and enjoy. Remember they can only be used to promote our sites, and yes we do have people checking up on their use.

15 NEW Free Hosted Galleries Added For SAGJO. We have added 15 brand new templated galleries for !!  These all use fresh models and are of new design which will be fresh bait for your surfers.  Get in and get them today !!

First Dynamic Banners Added. The first dynamic banners, for, have been added to your marketing tools !!  This brilliant code means that you insert the ads on your sites and they automatically update each time we add a new model !!  You will ALWAYS be promoting our latest model !!  More sizes to sites, more sites to come and codes for 5 latest models coming soon !!!  Hre is an example:

Streaming movies another step closer.
Our server is up and running and we are only limited by our slow Australian Upload speeds in seeing this swing into full action. The Teaser Videos on the front of site have been turned on and some model movies have also made the transition, however the remaining files are still about a week away.

Boy Movies to take a different direction. We are about to embark on a complete revamp of which will see it offer numerous viewing methods instead of the current single access format it has. A lot of preplanning has gone into this change and has basically only been held up by the delays in the new Streaming Server. Redesign is expected to start this week and be completed in the next few weeks.

NEW Boy Movie - Straight Boy Seduction - 2 Mates Get Done: After individually shooting Rico and Blake, we thought it would be fun to get theses two straight Surf-Lifesavers - together and watch them being done - together !!  We threw on the good old tried and true Lesbian DVD and these health young Lifesavers soon have erections. It then took a bit of encouraging them, at first, to stand up and push their, now, fully developed erections through the Gloryhole. Dirty Dave and his mate gobbled on their cocks immediately. The young sportsmen soon surrendered to the pleasures of the flesh and let it all happen.
Check it out at

Chargeback Fees. Now we all know that credit card chargebacks are the ball and chain of our industry.  Changes in our processing arrangements, which have increased returns under the cascading billing feature of MPA3, have also hit us pretty hard when it comes to chargebacks - even though our chargeback rates are amongst the lowest in the industry.  Unfortunately, as and from 16th January, whilst we have been able to increase revshare returns (see box below), we have also had to introduce a fee to the affiliate of $15 per chargeback.  This is well short of what it costs us in real terms, and we have absorbed the remainder.  Again we apologize, but we cannot dictate terms to the processors and banks.

** Make more Revshare Bang for your Traffic **

As an incentive to all of our loyal affiliates we have decided to make it even easier for you to get better percentages with CuriousCash. Commencing on the 16th January the new Percentage Levels changed to the following.  This makes sure that is now EASIER for smaller affiliates to make more bank with CuriousCash and for larger affiliates to also maximize their returns !! 


Joins per Month
Revshare %You Get
Previous % Level
55 - 60%
60 - 65%

Awesome Aussie Adventure

This is the biggest news to hit the webmaster promo circuit for some time - AND YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST !!

CuriousCash is giving away an almost fully inclusive trip for 2 people from anywhere in the world to Australia in October 2006. For 13 days and 12 nights to any Affiliate or Affiliate Team who can manage 2400 New Joins to any/all of our Premium Megasites between 1 February and 31 July 2006 !!!

Tour guides for your trip of a lifetime will be none other than our very own CuriousTim and CuriousToyBoy.

The Trip for 2 people will include:

  • Return airfares (economy) from and to your home town to Australia
  • All internal economy air travel within Australia
  • Land transport by limousine
  • ALL entry fees and costs of the planned events and visits
  • 4 / 5 star double/twin accommodation every night
  • Dinner and drinks every night in some of the best restaurants Australia has to offer (including a rooftop BBQ at CuriousToyBoy's beachside penthouse apartment !!).

Winners and their partner will visit:

Brisbane in Queensland, where they will cruise Moreton Bay, swim with dolphins, observe humpback whales on their annual migration, snorkel on a famous shipwreck and boom-net beside the boat, then the next day will take a day trip to Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast - home of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.

Cairns in far North Queensland, where we will take a day trip to the Outer Barrier Reef, for snorkelling and optional diving and then the next day take the historic railway to the world famous Kuranda markets and then take the Skyrail back to Cairns, then to shoot off to Palm Cove for dinner at one of the most reknowned seafood restaurants in the country !

Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory for a sunset champagne of the Olgas and incredible desert sand dune scenery, followed the next morning by a guided 9 kilometre walk around the base of the iconic Ayers Rock !

Melbourne in Victoria is the next stop for a morning hot air balloon ride across the city itself, followed by a Hilton Hotel buffet breakfast.

Sydney brings with it a visit to the amazing Sydney Aquarium, a fresh seafood buffet lunch at the captains table on a Sydney Harbor cruise, a twilight group climb of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and then take the ferry from Circular Quay to manly for dinner at CuriousToyBoy's favorite restaurant in the world - Ribs and Rumps at Manly.

The Gold Coast in Queensland is the final stop, for some sun, sand and an offshore deep sea fishing trip before relaxing for the trip back home.

We then wish everyone goodbye as the stretch limousines whisk the lucky participants away for the hour long drive to Brisbane Airport for their journey home.


This is ABSOLUTELY above and beyond the normal revshare earnings for all joins and rebills sent as part of the promotion - IT IS A 100% BONUS REWARD AND IS OPEN TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS CAN QUALIFY !!!  THERE IS NO UPPER LIMIT ON HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN QUALIFY AND BRING A PARTNER FOR THE TRIP.

The value of this trip for each qualifer (2 people) is approximately US$12000 !!

100 joins a week to any/all of our Premium Megasites for 24 weeks can bring you this trip of a lifetime !!

We will be sending a special update later this week with full and complete details of the competition !!!

** New Site Structure Within CuriousCash **

As the CuriousCash grows, and our content pool expands, we have taken a long hard look at the way our program is structured for you to best sell the most.

Our future lies in a further expansion of the straight boy turned niche, of which CuriousTim is one of the industry pioneers, so expect to see many niche sites roll out this year, further micro-niching the 18-25 hot straight boy genre.

In the meantime, we have now split sites out as follows, providing a distinct site strata within the program, and setting join and rebill costs to stimulate maximum retention:




NICHE SITES,,,,,,,,,,,,, and




Check out this hot little twink, Simon enjoys playing soccer and loves to go diving on the Great Barrier Reef. He has a positive attitude towards life and spends his weekends fishing and partying with his mates.

Simon was very embarrassed about getting his gear off in front of me but he was really enjoy the lesbian porn dvd. He didn’t want to do any of the hotter shots but he was comfortable to do nude art shots. I didn’t mind as this twink was too hot, I just had to shoot him. Click Here To See More


Blair enjoys working out in the gym and loves punk and rock music. As you can tell his favorite color is black and he is very proud of all his tattoos. He said “they are additive, once you get one you just can’t stop, you have to get more”.

As he slid off his jeans I was quite surprised at how hairy Blair’s ass was. It took him a bit of encouragement to get him to play with his cock but after a couple of touches he was horny and ready to go. While watching the lesbian porn video his stroked hard and he exploded all over himself. Click Here To See More


Ash is the epitome of the Young Fresh Faced Australian Surfer Boy. From the country Ash now lives in “The Big Smoke” but at every possible opportunity grabs his surfboard and heads for the coast to catch some waves.

We knew he had a good look but we really didn’t realise just how much he had undercover. The first time Ash let his board shorts fall to the ground and his Huge !! Cock rolled out like a magic carpet the photographer had to fully zoom out to fit him in the shot. Click Here To See More

Where on earth are the FHG's?
They are in the Affiliates Area of CuriousCash. If you login and go to linking codes and the marketing materials you can grab them from here. All you need to do is select a site which has them (e.g. and then select Free Hosted Galleries. Ok, as this sounds like a bit of stuffing around, I will add the links to the side menu under linking codes in the next week.

Your Dynamic Content section is great, but is there more then TBM to Promote? Currently TBM is the only site in this area. There are plans to expand this to include several other sites within the next few weeks.

What big things do you have on your plate in 2006? I hope you mean projects? Anyway most are mentioned above and this includes Ipod Sites, Content Selling, and more Niche Sites. A few other side projects like Blogs, etc will also come online but honestly the main thing for 2006 will be ensuring we continue to run the best program we can and look after our affiliates and customers are best as possible. It is our market that guides us in our decisions so we will be doing whatever we deem the Market is looking for whether meaning our Affiliates or our Site Customers.

Why is the Sky Blue? Jesse Jardine asked me this one and honestly, I can not answer it. May have to Google the answer. I am a Computer Webmaster and didn't really do Science stuff at School or University. I have provided a link to the answer here if you really want to know

Our own CuriousToyBoy was the featured guest commentator in AVN Online Magazine's January Edition.  His article on paranoia in the adult industry appears starting on page 34 of that issue.  Here we share it with you in full in case you may have missed it ......

Sex, Lies, Videotape and the Adult Biz

So here we are at the combined Vegas show - now combining the web and video facets of the adult biz.

Is that to be a good thing, or a bad thing? only time will tell us on that one.

If there is one thing that both sides of the business have shared throughout their respective histories, it is the level of paranoia that has at respective times in both sides resembled the come-down aftermath of one of my parents "LSD and Mushroom" parties of the 60's - lots of it and seemingly going on forever. Having said that, the list of liars, sharks, scammers, con-artists and outright thieves that have come out of the adult business woodwork over the years is a long one.

Betrayal, deceit, misrepresentation and underhanded dealings, whether we care to admit it or not, have been hallmarks of the business. Scams, even up to recent history, have been perpetrated not just by the odd misguided individual, but by everyone from the newbie webhamster, to experienced ans successful operators, to groups of highly intelligent people to major corporations. The level of theft and fraud is also unlimited, stretching from the relatively minor offence of generating a few false hits to make better trades, to refusing to pay monies owed up to the millions.

The misdeeds and subsequent tentacles of mistrust have spread far and wide, infiltrating every level and even the remotest corners of the business, but one could argue that in itself is simply human nature. In their ever escalating eager and sometimes feverish pursuit of money, power and fame, overly ambitious men and women have sought the easy path to those who have achieved the success before them. Our business, simply because of it's differences with mainstream society, has "human nature" in spades.

And no-one can hurt you like your friends. I think it was Eisenhower who said "It is better to have your enemies inside your tent pissing out than outside your tent pissing in". In this business of ours, on many occasions, doing business with perceived "enemies" or competitors makes far better sense than doing business with friends. Why? Because there is an inate sense of mistrust when dealing with an enemy, which prepares you subconsciously for things going bad. Friends, given the opportunity, will betray you eventually. They will always then fall back on their fundamental loyalties of power, money and influence with that fantastic cliche, "It's nothing personal, it's just business".

This of course is a generalization, but there are many examples of successful business partnerships between people and/or groups of people that make you turn your head and go, "Huh?". Think about it.

The best liars, cheats and scammers are sociopaths without conscience. They can pass themselves off as "the real deal", where more trustworthy, real people, would exhibit the atypical traits of someone doing the wrong thing, even when they are being loyal and truthful. The key difference is emotion. Deceptiveness is not only about assertions that are made, but it is as importantly about what is omitted as well. It is almost as Mulder says in the X-Files, "Trust no one".

And so how does this all relate directly to the adult business as we know it?

Hypothetical # 1
Little Johnny was working for Big Pete in a position of some trust. Little Johnny accessed and stole Big Pete's members database, left Big Pete's employ and started his own company, making many millions of dollars and from such inauspicious beginnings, with never a reference to the deed that got them started.

Hypothetical # 2
When a major services company realizes it has overextended and will not be able to continue trading for long in it's current structure, it siphons off money, money that is actually not theirs, but owed to clients, to establish a further infrastructure, then, when the time is ripe, flips into the new structure and rips of millions from everyone from the lowliest webmaster to the biggest programs in operation. But it doesn't stop there, it blackmails clients owed money into the new service by only paying monies owed should they participate.

Hypothetical # 3
Susan infiltrated a major processing company and extracted their entire billing database. She then proceeded to sell copies of the database "exclusively" to several major players for sums into the 6 figures. She has reinvented herself several times since that early days scam and most recently pilfered a large number of affiliates from a big company for another company, was caught and was summarily fired. A third, totally unrelated company then almost immediately employed her in the same capacity with them.

These above are PURELY hypothetical and fictional representations of the type of scenarios that can eventuate in our industry. This hypothetical game is one played out often as dinner party fodder whenever you get more than 1 person in the same room who has been in the adult game for longer than a couple of years. When some real old school operators are thrown into that dinner party mix, the stories simply get more ribald and entertaining - whilst losing NONE of their import or relevance.

The recipe for success in the adult biz is therefore a simple one - take a lot of hard work, fold through a mix of consistent application and effort, and add some generous portions of scepticism, doubt and paranoia. Time and energy spent on revenge is FAR better spent on focussing on your own goals so you can more quickly surpass the need to rely on or deal with the perceived (or otherwise) miscreants.

I have always backed my own reputation and I back my own knowledge, skills and ability. Recognizing early on that I needed to know who the people to know in this business were, and I needed them to know me and trust me, use me and support me, as I use and support them was key. I have always believed (and my modicum of success provides proof positive of this) that there is a certain understanding in these matters - you do work, sometimes give favors and carry out certain undertakings, you know what should be done and what cannot or should not be done, and you know what your return for your effort will be. In return for your hard work and goodwill, you then gain the backing of people with much greater position, wealth and power. And so you work your way up. And up.

CuriousToyBoy is the Affiliate Manager for and a Consultant to, amongst various other things online and offline. He started in the adult business online in late 1999, as a simple webmaster, doing the things simple webmasters do to get by. Biting the bullet, he went full time in the business in mid-2000, and lived on beans and rice for a long time. He no longer eats beans or rice. Contact CuriousToyBoy on ICQ 293070684 or


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CuriousCash was nominated for a 2005 XBiz Award !!!

CuriousCash and our sites were nominated in several surfer and industry categories in the 2005 Cybersocket Web Awards !!!

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