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21st March 2006
CuriousCash - Passion Pays
G'day Affiliates !

Can you believe it's coming up for Easter ?  2006 is certainly travelling at a rate of knots and with the first quarter of the year almost behind us, we look forward to the rest of the year flowing as well as the first bit has !

CuriousToyBoy, well, he sort of stood out a little in at the Costa Rica Bash (as any of you who follow the webmaster boards would already be aware !!), and you can see ALL of his free-flowing antics at our gallery pages by clicking here !

Do not forget that both CuriousTim and CuriousToyBoy will be if fine form at the Phoenix Forum next week at the Mission Palms Hotel in Tempe - hit us up now to catch up or hit us up ANYTIME over the weekend for a drink, a chat, or just to say "hi" - we LOVE meeting our affiliates !!!

Our push here into the mobile porn arena continues at a rate of knots, with the revamps of  MobileMen, SMSBoyz and our newest IPod site nearing completion !!  These are exciting times in the mobile porn arena and we are definitely positioning ourselves and our affiliates to ride the crest of this ever developing wave of new potential and possibilities.  Watch this space !!

The revamp of BoyMovies also continues and will soon be re-launched as CuriousCinema (Boy-Movies links will still work), WebmasterDan has added even more content of our latest models and we have even more hot new models direct from the lens of CuriousTim that have been added to sites in recent weeks.

All of that and more is explained further down in this issue.

We have now achieved an outstanding 275+ fresh boy models - and CuriousTim interviews and shoots new boys each and every week to ensure that Curiouscash sites are the most current and fresh exclusive and original straight boy content sites on the internet today.

With that amazing content, and our constant efforts to provide sites and tools that allow our affiliates to hit the market cross-section that we do so well as hard as possible, and on as many levels as possible, we aim in the rest of 2006 and cementing CuriousCash's position as the biggest exclusive and original content gay/bi/curious program available to surfers and webmasters.

We really have only just begun on what we want to achieve in 2006.


The CuriousCash Crew

IPOD SITE: The processor we are using for this site has now supplied scripts to get the final part of this site up and running and we expect to launch in the next couple of weeks.

CuriousCinema: Will be the new home for the Boy-Movies site. This site will offer pay per view as well as membership options to increase the overall pull of the site. The design of this site is complete and and we are about 65% of the way through development. Our aim is to launch late March or Early April.

New Free Content Added: We have just loaded all of the latest models into the Free Content section so get in and get promoting!

Chargeback Fees: Now we all know that credit card chargebacks are the ball and chain of our industry.  Changes in our processing arrangements, which have increased returns under the cascading billing feature of MPA3, have also hit us pretty hard when it comes to chargebacks - even though our chargeback rates are amongst the lowest in the industry.  Unfortunately, as and from 16th January, whilst we have been able to increase revshare returns (see box below), we have also had to introduce a fee to the affiliate of $15 per chargeback.  This is well short of what it costs us in real terms, and we have absorbed the remainder.  Again we apologize, but we cannot dictate terms to the processors and banks.

- New Gay Blog
- New Look
- New Look

** Make more Revshare Bang for your Traffic **

As an incentive to all of our loyal affiliates we have decided to make it even easier for you to get better percentages with CuriousCash. Commencing on the 16th January the new Percentage Levels changed to the following.  This makes sure that is now EASIER for smaller affiliates to make more bank with CuriousCash and for larger affiliates to also maximize their returns !! 


Joins per Month
Revshare %You Get
Previous % Level
55 - 60%
60 - 65%

CuriousCash's Awesome Aussie Adventure

CuriousCash is giving away an almost fully inclusive trip for 2 people from anywhere in the world to Australia in October 2006. For 13 days and 12 nights to any Affiliate or Affiliate Team who can manage 2400 New Joins to any/all of our Premium Megasites between 1 February and 31 July 2006 !!!


A few weeks ago, our own CuriousToyBoy was interviewed about this amazing promotion by YNotBob and Jay on their YNotRadio program live to the internet!!!  LISTEN TO THE WHOLE INTERVIEW BY CLICKING HERE !!!

The Awesome Aussie Adventure is fast becoming a new benchmark in rewards for high-producing webmasters - make sure you read through all the details and check why !!


Using The New CuriousCash Dynamic Banners

Our first dynamic banners, for, have been working amazingly well for many of our affiliates.  Because they automatically display our latest model online, they are almost single-handedly ensuring TBM stays in our top sites !!!  Check out the example below - if you are not using these, you REALLY should be !!!  More options and more sites coming soon !!


CuriousCash AVN Ad Campaign

Now many of you would have been following with much laughter or series of AVN Magazine advertisements featuring our very own ubiquitous CuriousToyBoy.  For those who came in late - click the links below for a good laugh:

August 2005 AVN Advertisement

January 2006 AVN Advertisement

February 2006 AVN Advertisement

CuriousCash - Passion Pays

All Australian Boys
Converting 1 in 133

All Australian Boys
Converting 1 in 139

Converting 1 in 142

All Australian Boys

Converting 1 in 155

All ratios are calculated as hits to the site front page as ratio to joins from MPA3.  Do NOT be fooled by programs who show you 2nd or join page hits !!!

Curious Tim

Curious ToyBoy
ICQ: 293070684
AOL: GMM Toy Boy
Yahoo: gmmtoyboy

Webmaster Dan
ICQ: 297970749

Curious Jesse
ICQ: 349840177

CuriousCash was nominated for a 2005 XBiz Award !!!


CuriousCash and our sites were nominated in several surfer and industry categories in the 2005 Cybersocket Web Awards !!!



Striker rides a big 1200cc motor bike. He works out a gym constantly and surfs. His good all Australian Sports Jock Hot look is complemented by his Big meaty cock. His erection was almost instantaneous as soon as we put on lesbian porn. We then let “The Milking Machine” loose on his big cock, it strained a bit but did the job. We will try to get him to do a Glory Hole shoot, next.

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Brad exceptional youthful good looks are complemented by his great body that has been sculptured by numerous visits to the pool as a squad swimmer. This makes Brad a natural for modeling. He was a bit shy however when it came to taking his clothes off.

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Samuel is a Canadian backpacking his way around Australia. Loving every minute of the relaxed lifestyle and enjoy meeting new people everyday. His favorite sport is Ice Hockey and would like to continue traveling for the next few years. Samuel a quietly spoken farm boy from Canada, he is so easy going and enjoyed every moment of being the centre of attention. Once he starting touching his cock it sprung to attention in an instant and I had to zoom out to fit it all in. He strapped on the Milking Machine and went for it, while watching a lesbian DVD; it wasn’t long before he exploded his massive load everywhere.

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At 194cm tall and 90 kg Jamie is very big 18 years old. He has been playing rugby for many years and would one day love to play professionally for Australia. He loves being in front of the camera and showing off his boyish charm. He took off his pants and his eyes where glued to the lesbian porn playing on the tv. He started touching himself and his cock stood to attention, once his cock was hard I got the Milking Machine and he placed it on his cock. Watch as this hot 18 year old blows his load all over himself.

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I am looking at doing a TGP campaign and a Search Engine Campaign to CuriousCash. Is there a way I can see what each campaign is doing for me without signing up twice?
There certainly is! If you login to CuriousCash and go to Links and Tool >> Campaigns . Here you will be able to setup a campaign named 'TGP' and one called 'Search Engine' . Then when you go back to links and tools >> linking codes when you select a link you will now be presented with the option to add a Campaign code to your link.

I want to promote your site, but want to make my own galleries. Do you have content available for this?
You bet! Inside CuriousCash under links and tools you will find a button called free content. Click on this and you will find a zip file for each of the models containing photos that are free to use in any format as long as it is used to promote CuriousCash websites.

Will you be releases dynamic content for other sites apart from TeenBoyModels?
The answer to this is yes, however unsure of when this will be. I am currently working on higher priority jobs and will attend to the additions of these as soon as I can.

If you have any further requests please email them to me and I will try to get them online to.


Travel is a bitch these days. There's so much to consider with security and safety issues. Your possessions you carry with you and the luggage you might need stored in the baggage compartment will be scrutinized and very possibly searched. This is not to imply you would bring illegal items with you on a trip to an adult webmaster convention. This is merely a warning that travel is serious business in today's age. Keep pointy things out of your carry-on luggage or bag. Don't lose your cool if you're asked questions you feel are silly or get pulled over for a random search. Bring along proper identification and get to airports well ahead of the time of your flight. You are representing an industry that has enough problems with legitimacy without a story on the news about some crazy porno webmaster who was escorted off a plane for fighting with the flight crew because he refused to turn off his laptop during flight. Behave yourself. People are watching.

With that out of the way, we give you a little checklist of stuff you should bring with you to an adult webmaster convention, gathering or get together. Now, this isn't some sort of test. We deal in choices at Cozy Academy. You don't have to bring the items described. We are providing suggestions based on experience along with trial and error. Read over the suggestions below. Take what you think we be useful for you and leave the rest at home.

1. Space
Leave plenty of space in your bags or bring an additional bag, especially if your are attending a convention. There are a lot of free goodies for adult webmasters at these shows. If you want to bring some home with you, you'll need a place to put them.

2. Camera
After and adult webmaster event, the demand for pictures is high. With digital cameras, you'll find some porn types posting convention pics on the web practically as fast as they take them. A camera is especially needed to snap shots of all the nude models running around. Adult shows are like no other and with a camera, you'll have proof!

3. Money
Cozy Academy doesn't want you to ignore your real-life financial responsibilities and clear out your bank account just to go to an adult conference. Just the same, an offer to buy a drink or pick up a dinner tab is a still great networking tool for any businessperson. Vendors at these shows often sell product at great prices. If you want to buy some, you'll need extra dough. Traveling costs money. Bring the form you feel safest with and bring plenty.

4. Product and Proof
Whether you want to sell something or sell yourself, you want to bring along with you the materials of your job. If you are a programmer or design pages, don't forget your business card with a URL to your main site on it along with your email address. If you have physical product to sell such as content, don't forget to burn a few CDs of sets along with license copies. If you're looking to be hired by some porn company, print a bunch of copies of your resume to take with you.

5. Note Pad
A real note pad with actual paper, not the program. Yes, you want to take your new laptop or PDA with you on your trip. We are not advising you against doing that. Just keep in mind the simplest things are still the best. Little notebooks can go anywhere and are still the best way to temporarily store information such as email addresses, URLs, notes from seminars and names of contacts.

We know you're a grown-up so we don't have to tell you how to pack a bag or what clothes to bring. We just want to make sure when you go to an adult webmaster event you get the most out of the trip. Whatever you choose to bring with you, keep in mind the laws of the place you'll be. Handle yourself with composure. Be prepared and don't forget to tip!

Original Article @ Cozy Academy


Just for Laughs

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