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28th June 2006
CuriousCash - Passion Pays
G'day Affiliates !

Well the year continues to kick along and again this time around we have plenty of new and exciting things to bring you up to speed on !!

Big news is that you now get 100% credit for all sales by PasswordByPhone with each of our sites now subject to geo-targeting with special landing pages.  Also is our new EPassporte payment option and the phasing out of check payments.  Read the details in full down below.

Don't forget we are still in the middle our June and July sales promotion with some lucky affiliates set to bank some big bonus payouts!!  Again, all the details are down below.

CuriousToyBoy has spent the last month in the USA, visiting all over including Fort Lauderdale for Redneck Getaway and San Diego for Cybernet Expo.  In July he heads to Las Vegas for XBiz Summer Forum, The annnual MrSkin Soiree in Chicago and then Internext in Florida in the first week of August.  Want to catch up with him?  Email

As always, check out all of ToyBoy's antics by clicking here !!

Plenty down below for you to check out and get up to date on, and do NOT forget - contact us anytime you need anything.

Take care.

The CuriousCash Crew

Members Areas Revamps: Some of you may have noticed we have had a few reviews done on our site of late. This has served numerous purposes for us with the main one being a non biased look at the sites and how we can improve. Now we could sit here and cry about the small amount of criticism we received, or get off our backsides and do something about it. We have chosen to do the latter. The main issues seen with our sites was Navigation within the members area and the video files. As a result these 2 areas will undergo a complete revamp over the next few weeks.

Epassporte Payouts Now Available: Our Epassporte Account is up and running. We are encouraging you to select this over Check due to issues with Check Payments. If you keep your payout level at $250 we will also cover the setup fee with Epassporte. Payouts as low as $50 will be accepted under Epassporte, however payments under $100 will incur the Epassporte payment fee of $2.  See below for full details !!!

Password By Phone Now Online: Well it is here. Another Processor for CuriousCash. I tell you what with all the different processors we have there should be no reason for a sale to be missed.  Affiliates get FULL credit through MPA3 for ALL PasswordByPhone sales !!!

Geo Targetting: At CuriousCash we do our best to make every dollar possible out of the traffic that comes in. Due to this we have finally implemented Geo Targeting on our sites. We have worked closely with PasswordbyPhone on this and have now implemented Custom Pages for specific Countires not known for Credit Card Traffic with FULL AFFILIATE CREDIT!

New Odd Sized Banners: A few new odd sized banners have been added into the Marketing Material for our Premium Sites.

New Video Feed for Premium Sites: Thanks to the guys at we have the new Czech Boys Feed available in all of our Premium Sites. Just another little thing we are doing to hold onto those valuable customers and improve our already impressive retention !!

Addition of MyVirtualCard and OPSBilling: Well we got OPSBilling online, only to be informed that OPSBilling and 365Billing will soon work together as one company instead of two so we have to start again. Expect this all online over the next few weeks. MVC is available on a couple of sites with the rest to roll out shortly.

CuriousCinema: Due to the endless problems getting the streaming and download options available within MPA3 we have decided to make a few modifications to the way CuriousCinema works. Expect these to come online just prior to Florida Internext.

IPOD SITE: Still waiting on that damn script. Processor promises we will have it this week.  We will keep you posted !!

Chargeback Fees: Now we all know that credit card chargeback's are the ball and chain of our industry.  Changes in our processing arrangements, which have increased returns under the cascading billing feature of MPA3, have also hit us pretty hard when it comes to chargeback's - even though our chargeback rates are amongst the lowest in the industry.  Unfortunately, as and from 16th January, whilst we have been able to increase revshare returns (see box below), we have also had to introduce a fee to the affiliate of $15 per chargeback.  This is well short of what it costs us in real terms, and we have absorbed the remainder.  Again we apologize, but we cannot dictate terms to the processors and banks.

CuriousCash Affiliates Now Get Full Sales Credit For PasswordByPhone Sales !

CuriousCash now credits it webmasters for ALL geo-redirected traffic sent for payment through the PasswordByPhone system.

PasswordByPhone has just completed integration and testing into MPA3 and CuriousCash are the very first sponsor to jump on this to ensure webmasters get full benefit with sales credit through their MPA3 powered back end !!!.

CuriousCash has worked closely withPasswordByPhone to build custom pages for each site in the ever-growing CuriousCash site portfolio – this means that webmasters are now credited and paid for traffic and sales to the many countries that PasswordByPhone are able to bill through their multiple methods of alternative billing in places where sales were not available before !!

CuriousCash continues to be on the leading edge when it comes to ensuring affiliates are given every opportunity to make more money through promoting CuriousCash sites.

Paying webmasters on time since 1999, CuriousCash now has an impressive 30+ site range and still growing strong – underpinned by the 100% exclusive and original content shot by CuriousTim himself from our growing stable of 280+ models.

If you have never promoted CuriousCash come over and see why many other webmasters send their gay/bi/curious traffic to one of the pioneers of the young straight boy niche.


CuriousCash - Passion Pays

All Australian Boys

Converting 1 in 162

Converting 1 in 187

All Australian Boys
Converting 1 in 210

All Australian Boys
Converting 1 in 243

All ratios are calculated as hits to the site front page as ratio to joins from MPA3.  Do NOT be fooled by programs who show you 2nd or join page hits !!!

Curious Tim

Curious ToyBoy
ICQ: 293070684
AOL: GMM Toy Boy
Yahoo: gmmtoyboy

Webmaster Dan
ICQ: 297970749

Curious Jesse
ICQ: 349840177

CuriousCash was nominated for a 2005 XBiz Award !!!

CuriousCash and our sites were nominated in several surfer and industry categories in the 2005 Cybersocket Web Awards !!!

EPassporte Payments Now Available

EPassporte is a well recognized and preferred method of many webmasters in receiving their payments. Your money can be accessed worldwide from most ATM's and also may be used in some electronic swipe machines.

The checks we issue have many problems for many webmasters. From high clearance fees and time for the funds to actually be debited to accounts, to some banks not processing them, to problems with the mail system in many countries.

As and from payments for period ending 30 August 2006, we will no longer be offering checks as a payment option.

This means that the last checks will be issued in September, and all payments AFTER 15th September will be made either by wire transfer or EPassporte.


We do understand though that for many reasons some webmasters cannot or do not use wire transfers. For these we have the EPassporte option, and WE WILL TAKE CARE OF WEBMASTERS WHO WISH TO START, OR CHANGE TO, THIS OPTION NO QUESTION !!

If you don't have EPassporte WE WILL ARRANGE ONE FOR YOU FREE !!! Simply send traffic until you reach our standard US$250 minimum payout, as soon as you have reached this, email with your preferred username and password, and your MAILING address along with your RevshareRewards ID and we will process an EPassporte Visa Electron Card for you AT NO CHARGE, saving you at LEAST US$35 !! Remember that your card MAY take up to 6 weeks to be delivered !! WE DO THIS ALL FOR FREE FOR YOU !!!

If you have EPassporte and you want to start receiving your webmaster payments by EPassporte as soon as possible, login to the CuriousCash members area now and make sure you have EPassporte checked as your preferred payment method and all of your details are up to date ! And we do NOT forget our existing EPassporte webmasters... IF YOU CHOOSE TO RECIEVE YOUR PAYMENT ON YOUR EXISTING EPASSPORTE CARD, ON YOUR FIRST PAYMENT AFTER 1 SEPTEMBER - WE'LL GIVE YOU $50 !!! That's right, just to say thanks for moving over to our preferred payment method, a quick $50 into your pocket no strings attached !!

So whether you choose wire, you have or do not have an EPassporte card, we at CuriousCash stay true to putting our webmasters first - NO COST, NO CHARGES, NO FEES - we eat them all !!!

Any questions? Email

CuriousCash Bonus Payouts June & July

WOW !!!  The competition for the bonus payouts for June and July sales performance is sure hotting up !!

No less than FIVE affiliates are neck and neck for the most sales and add another TWO for a total of SEVEN are within 1000 uniques of each other in who can send the most uniques !!

Woot-woot !!

In the race for the most improved, after some early big efforts, the field seems to have narrowed to about THREE or FOUR, but there are another FOUR or so who could easily nudge back up to the top of the pile with some strong efforts !!!


EVERY affiliate has the chance to win bonus payouts in June and July – whether they send 1 join or 5000 joins !!

The top sales affiliate, the affiliate who sends the most sales to CuriousCash in June and July will get a $1000 cash bonus !

The top traffic affiliate, the affiliate who sends the most unique hits to CuriousCash in June and July will also get a $1000 cash bonus !

And finally, our most improved active affiliate, the affiliate who sends the biggest relative percentage increase in joins in June and July over what they sent in April and May also gets a quick $1000 !!

Questions?  Email !




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Jack has been playing Rugby League for many years and enjoys hanging out with his mates on the weekend. He would love to travel to Hawaii for the surf and girls.
Jack was really enjoying himself during the shoot and it wasn’t long before I got him to slip out of his clothes. He was comfortable and started to get into the lesbian porn playing on the television. Unfortunately he got a bit shy and didn’t want to finish the shoot. Oh well, you win some and you loose some.
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Why are you able to offer lower payouts with Epassporte compared to other methods of Payment?
The reason this is, is the costs associated are very small. When we issue a wire there is bank fees on our end and on yours so it does not make it viable to payout less then $250, unless you want to kiss most of your payout goodbye in fees. With Checks if we were based in the US this would be fine, however as we are not there is also quite a few fees associated with these, plus alot of banks will not accept the checks under $250. With Epassporte we don't have to deal with Banks so the whole process is simple and efficient. Personally I would recommend anyone who is a small to medium size affiliate to look at this method and if you don't have an account and are willing to select your first payout to be above $250 then we will also cover the setup costs for you.


Aside from content, the most important factor that will distinguish one adult site from another is the site’s design and overall feeling. If a site looks mediocre, well then, how important can it be? If a website is flashy and slick and stands out, it has a better chance of being taken seriously and drawing in repeat customers.

Even though most websites are based on HTML, in today’s online adult environment, many additional functions are needed to maintain and manage a full-featured adult website. These functions require more than simply HTML to be implemented. They require languages that can communicate with databases, perform encryption and initiate complex graphical commands.

The open-source language of choice for HTML scripting is PHP, an open-source language developed in 1995. The acronym means Personal Home Page. PHP originally was designed to be a forms interpreter to use for programming tasks that can’t be done with HTML. Today there are free PHP scripts for almost everything an adult webmaster can imagine.

Slide Shows and DRM Scripts

A slide show is a series of pictures that appear in a particular sequence. Sometimes a free slide show is a good way to lure customers to your site. You can display your erotic content in sequences and update them with ease. In most cases, a slide show will allow the user to navigate through a series of images; therefore, buttons and frames and control of these objects are necessary and go beyond what HTML can effectively do. PHPSlideShow is one such free script offering what will allow you to create slideshows. You can download this product at

Video content, though inherently more sophisticated than a slide show, actually is easier to display, since HTML has inherent commands to evoke video players on a customer’s PC, such as Apple’s QuickTime. Yet scripting still comes into play when you seek a higher level of protection for your digital property, thus using digital rights management services. Microsoft offers an expensive DRM package that runs on Windows platforms, yet within the open-source community there are free content management systems (CMS) that allow webmasters to protect video and other online material.

Two popular variations of open source CMS packages are PHPNuke and PostNuke. These tools allow you to protect your content primarily through storing content in a database such as MySQL or Interbase. The advantage of CMS software is that it is portal software, meaning that it automatically allows you to build websites and manage them without the need to know complex HTML. You can download PHPNuke for free at and PostNuke, which runs on Windows, for free at

Another good open source CMS package is OpenCMS, which is implemented through Java and XML technology instead of PHP. One advantage of OpenCMS is that it is compatible with more commercial databases such as Oracle or SQL Server. You can download OpenCMS for free at

Membership Databases

Many startup adult websites use a third party to track membership, password and payment information. If you want do that yourself, you should use an open source database to store your membership and credit card data. If you are communicating to a database, you probably also will want to utilize PHP as the database interface to your HTML web pages.

Instead of reinventing the wheel and writing a PHP interface to a database, there are many scripts already written for that purpose. One of the best websites for PHP scripts, organized by category, is Not only can webmasters find database interface scripts but also e-commerce scripts and even a category for matchmaking and live chat.

Another good PHP scripting site is PHPworld contains many useful articles on the basics of hooking your web page to a relational database such as MySQL or the Oracle RDBMS.

Adult Blogs

These days blogs are all the rage, and in the adult industry the blog is an important tool when customers become attached to different girls or guys who appear in online content. Video and slide show interfaces don’t really give an adult website the personal touch; you need models keeping diaries and sharing their amorous thoughts with potential customers. This will ensure more repeat business and create a more intimate bond between your content and your customers.

A great free blogging resource is Yet beware, some of the blogging scripts at FatScripts are shareware and need to be purchased. One of the best free blogging tools is PluggedOut Blog. This interface allows for visitor comments, comes with many predefined templates and is RSS 2.0 compatible, thus allowing for XML publishing. You can download this tool directly at

Live Chat

Many fun adult websites have live chat forums. These forums are essentially realtime blogs where groups of people chat together in a central “room.” The most popular chat forums are those of AOL, Yahoo and ICQ, but you can easily start a chat forum at your own adult site. Have a few of your models invite in customers, and then just talk it up. Just like with blogs, this will create a friendlier atmosphere within your website and will supercharge your content.

There are many free PHP scripts at the sites mentioned above for creating your own live chatrooms. One popular tool is PHPOpenChat. This software allows for moderators, password-protected chatrooms and even multilingual support. You can download this tool for free at

With all the interesting free open-source tools out there, webmasters of both established and new adult websites should constantly be staying on the technological edge by providing chatrooms, blogs and well-managed video services for visitors. Using free, open-source solutions such as those discussed will give your customers more interface opportunities and will result in more time and money spent on your site as opposed to other, less appealing venues.

Original By James Edwards Tutorial @ XBiz

CuriousCash's Own CuriousToyBoy Lights Up Cybernet Expo
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