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1st August 2006
CuriousCash - Passion Pays

Hello Everyone as CuriousToyboy is away gallivanting between webmaster events in the U.S.A. CuriousTim and Webmaster Dan are putting together this update !!

Firstly Congratulations to the winners of the CuriousCash “Bonus Buck$” promotion which was held during the months of June and July. Some long established affiliates along with some newcomers were awarded US$1000 each for wining the various categories – Well Done !!

This month in particular on the 28th we celebrate our 7th birthday. Lucky 7 is a lucky number for all our affiliates, as we will be paying you an additional 10% Revshare, as recognition of your support.

This month is the last month we will be offering checks as a form of payment to affiliates. From next month onwards we will offer E Passport or Free Wire Payments direct into you account.

We have also added video clips available for webmaster promotion, you can find these @

Again Congratulations to the worthy winners of “Bonus Buck$” and don’t forget the extra 10% this month.

Best Wishes Curious Tim and the Curious Cash team.

Members Areas Revamps: We have completed our Gallery Navigation update and added a few enhancements to our Video Section. Further improvements are also in the pipeline and we will let you know about those as they are completed.

Epassporte Payout's Now Available: Our Epassporte Account is up and running. We are encouraging you to select this over Check due to issues with Check Payments. If you keep your payout level at $250 we will also cover the setup fee with Epassporte. Payout's as low as $50 will be accepted under Epassporte, however payments under $100 will incur the Epassporte payment fee of $2.  See below for full details !!!

Password By Phone Now Online: Well it is here. Another Processor for CuriousCash. I tell you what with all the different processors we have there should be no reason for a sale to be missed.  Affiliates get FULL credit through MPA3 for ALL PasswordByPhone sales !!!

Geo Targeting: At CuriousCash we do our best to make every dollar possible out of the traffic that comes in. Due to this we have finally implemented Geo Targeting on our sites. We have worked closely with PasswordbyPhone on this and have now implemented Custom Pages for specific Countries not known for Credit Card Traffic with FULL AFFILIATE CREDIT!

New Text Links: We have added a text links for the majority of our sites now within CuriousCash. If you need any additional material please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Video Clips for Promotion: We have just added all of our teaser videos to CuriousCash with built in links for Webmasters to promote. The files are asx format and allow for embedded of affiliate codes within. If you would like help implementing this material please feel free to contact Webmaster Dan at

CuriousCinema: With a few tweaks to the functionality of CuriousCinema we have now been able to launch within CuriousCash. Get in and get promoting!

Chargeback Fees: Now we all know that credit card chargeback's are the ball and chain of our industry.  Changes in our processing arrangements, which have increased returns under the cascading billing feature of MPA3, have also hit us pretty hard when it comes to chargeback's - even though our chargeback rates are amongst the lowest in the industry.  Unfortunately, as and from 16th January, whilst we have been able to increase revshare returns (see box below), we have also had to introduce a fee to the affiliate of $15 per chargeback.  This is well short of what it costs us in real terms, and we have absorbed the remainder.  Again we apologize, but we cannot dictate terms to the processors and banks.


How time flies when you are having fun.

From the modest beginnings in August 1999, with CuriousTim armed with a film camera, a friendly developer and a rusty old scanner, to August 2006 with over 30 exclusive and original content sites in one of the nets largest gay/bi/curious specific affiliate programs.

To celebrate, CuriousCash are giving webmasters even more bang for their buck for the entire month of August !!!

Send 1 to 24 joins in August and get 60% revshare

Send 25 to 99 joins in August and get 70% revshare

Send 100 or more joins in August and get 80% revshare

This is CuriousCash's big thank you to the 100s of webmasters who have helped CuriousCash on its continued rise and rise throughout the past 7 years.

It has been a heady ride for CuriousTim and his CuriousCash team, with his original program leaping into what is now Version 2 of and still pioneering the way in delivering content, rewarding webmasters and producing some of the best straight boy content in the mix today.


Is a very important number at CuriousCash

Just send us 25 new joins per month and you will get 10% extra.

That’s a whooping 60% Revshare.
( 70% during August )

We have noticed many of you are just undershooting 25 joins a month.

We just wanted to let you know how important the BIG 25 is.

Curious T i m.  


CuriousCash - Passion Pays

All Australian Boys

Converting 1 in 162

Converting 1 in 187

All Australian Boys
Converting 1 in 210

All Australian Boys
Converting 1 in 243

All ratios are calculated as hits to the site front page as ratio to joins from MPA3.  Do NOT be fooled by programs who show you 2nd or join page hits !!!

Curious Tim

Curious ToyBoy
ICQ: 293070684
AOL: GMM Toy Boy
Yahoo: gmmtoyboy

Webmaster Dan
ICQ: 297970749

Curious Jesse
ICQ: 349840177

CuriousCash was nominated for a 2005 XBiz Award !!!

CuriousCash and our sites were nominated in several surfer and industry categories in the 2005 Cybersocket Web Awards !!!

Last Month for Check Payments

Due to the large volume of problems we have experienced with our Check Payment system, Check will no longer be accepted as a payment method from the 1st of September. We encourage all affiliates who currently receive their income via Check to change to Epassporte (We allow a minimum payout of $50 on Epassporte) or Wire Payments.

We Charge no fees for either Payment method

We absorb your bank costs

We pay a BONUS $50 or set you up for FREE *
(*If you choose Epassporte as your Payment Method. )

Old Link Codes are being Discontinued

The 1st of September marks the 12 Month Anniversary of CuriousCash Version2 Powered by MPA3 and we feel it is time to say goodbye to the past and surge forward into the future. As of the 1st of September all support of our old linking codes will come to an end as we look to focus purely on going forward with MPA3 and giving our affiliates the very best promotional materials possible. The need to maintain old links while trying to bring new material online has been extremely difficult over the past 12 months and with more then 95% of our affiliates using the MPA3 codes we feel it is time to break the shackles. Any rebills in the system will continue to be paid out however if you are still using the old codes for promoting CuriousCash Sites then I recommend you look at converting these to the new codes which offer so much more. If this is a problem for you please contact Webmaster Dan who will endeavor to assist you in a smooth conversion process.

EPassporte Payments Now Available

EPassporte is a well recognized and preferred method of many webmasters in receiving their payments. Your money can be accessed worldwide from most ATM's and also may be used in some electronic swipe machines.

The checks we issue have many problems for many webmasters. From high clearance fees and time for the funds to actually be debited to accounts, to some banks not processing them, to problems with the mail system in many countries.

As and from payments for period ending 30 August 2006, we will no longer be offering checks as a payment option.

This means that the last checks will be issued in September, and all payments AFTER 15th September will be made either by wire transfer or EPassporte.


We do understand though that for many reasons some webmasters cannot or do not use wire transfers. For these we have the EPassporte option, and WE WILL TAKE CARE OF WEBMASTERS WHO WISH TO START, OR CHANGE TO, THIS OPTION NO QUESTION !!

If you don't have EPassporte WE WILL ARRANGE ONE FOR YOU FREE !!! Simply send traffic until you reach our standard US$250 minimum payout, as soon as you have reached this, email with your preferred username and password, and your MAILING address along with your RevshareRewards ID and we will process an EPassporte Visa Electron Card for you AT NO CHARGE, saving you at LEAST US$35 !! Remember that your card MAY take up to 6 weeks to be delivered !! WE DO THIS ALL FOR FREE FOR YOU !!!

If you have EPassporte and you want to start receiving your webmaster payments by EPassporte as soon as possible, login to the CuriousCash members area now and make sure you have EPassporte checked as your preferred payment method and all of your details are up to date ! And we do NOT forget our existing EPassporte webmasters... IF YOU CHOOSE TO RECIEVE YOUR PAYMENT ON YOUR EXISTING EPASSPORTE CARD, ON YOUR FIRST PAYMENT AFTER 1 SEPTEMBER - WE'LL GIVE YOU $50 !!! That's right, just to say thanks for moving over to our preferred payment method, a quick $50 into your pocket no strings attached !!

So whether you choose wire, you have or do not have an EPassporte card, we at CuriousCash stay true to putting our webmasters first - NO COST, NO CHARGES, NO FEES - we eat them all !!!

Any questions? Email



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Why are you able to offer lower Payout's with Epassporte compared to other methods of Payment?
The reason this is, is the costs associated are very small. When we issue a wire there is bank fees on our end and on yours so it does not make it viable to payout less then $250, unless you want to kiss most of your payout goodbye in fees. With Checks if we were based in the US this would be fine, however as we are not there is also quite a few fees associated with these, plus alot of banks will not accept the checks under $250. With Epassporte we don't have to deal with Banks so the whole process is simple and efficient. Personally I would recommend anyone who is a small to medium size affiliate to look at this method and if you don't have an account and are willing to select your first payout to be above $250 then we will also cover the setup costs for you.

What is the main reason for the removal of old link support?
Basically as we have tried to build new things we have always had to ensure we did not break the old codes. Doing this at times created a nightmare for us as it meant some things took longer to develop or had to be scrapped altogether to ensure a smooth transition We strive extremely hard to ensure our affiliates get every dollar they deserve which is why you will also see from time to time things appear on the coming soon and later be removed as we have discovered issues in being able to fully support our affiliates. We have now come to a time where we feel there is more benefit to the majority of our affiliates for us to stop supporting the old codes and enable us to do more for you.


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