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9th October 2006
CuriousCash - Passion Pays

G’day, everyone from Curious T i m, Webmaster D a n and Curious J e s s e !!

Yes we are still here working hard behind the scenes, putting this Webmaster Update together as Curious Toyboy readies himself to fly across the Pacific to the U.S – again !!

CuriousToyboy will be heading off to the Curacao gathering so if any of you want to talk CuriousCash. Our Larger than life representative, CuriousToyboy is your man.

Today we contacted our top 100 webmasters and provided information on their 2006 performance. Conversions, rebills etc. We also suggested they try other CuriousCash sites to promote that are converting well. If you were not part of our mail out and feel you have ideas to improve your through put with CuriousCash then we are all ears. Any suggestions that could potentially improve all of our earnings will be greatly received.

We have been busy fine tuning CuriousCash. Reducing the level to get 60% Revshare to just 20 joins a month! We are also sponsoring the Gay Bloggies awards. See more about this later in the update.

Think that’s about it for now – enjoy !

Best Wishes Curious Tim and the Curious Cash team.

It's now even easier to get to 60% Revshare with CuriousCash
As of the first of October we have dropped the entry level for a Percentage increase within CuriousCash from 25 joins to 20! There are several affiliates who are sitting just short of this mark so I encourage you to get in and get promoting and if you need any assistance to improve your results please feel free to shoot us an email.

CuriousCash to Sponsor First Ever Gay Bloggies Awards !
CuriousCash has answered the call from Dan at and we are excited to let you all know that CuriousCash has come to the party donating memberships to be given away with the prizes. More information can be sourced from Dan at Just a side note to this, if any of our affiliates look at hosting competitions or would like discounts rates etc, just ask, we are always happy to help out where ever possible.

No More Check Payments
Thanks to all of those affiliates who have already gone in and updated your details. There is still a few affiliates who have not changed their details so I would just like to remind you to get in and do so.

We DO NOT CHARGE ANY FEES for either Payment method – That’s NO CHARGES for E Passport or Wire payments !! We absorb your bank costs
Additionally We pay you a BONUS $50 or set you up for FREE *
(*If you choose Epassporte as your Payment Method.  Reach 25 joins and simply email!  )

We have also heard from a few of you who really have no suitable alternative to check payments so for those I will let you know we are currently in the process of signing up to which once established we will be able to pay your Capital Collect account and you can withdraw a check through there. If you would like to know more about this or an update on implementation status then please email WebmasterDan at

Old Link Codes Discontinued
Once again I would like to thank all those affiliates who have got up to speed and converted over all of their codes. Signup's on the old codes were almost 0 in the last month of processing, and those of you with rebills still in the system 12 months on, well these will continue to be credited to you and paid out by CCBill as per the old System.

Over the next few days we will be adding all of our FHG's to our new RSS Setup. Once done this will be available for use within the members area of CuriousCash. We have also had a few requests for additional RSS Feeds which we are looking into.


How can I get additional Material to promote CuriousCash Sites?
If you need any additional material that is not found within CuriousCash itself please email so I can get you what we need. We are fairly flexible with our content when it comes to promotion of our sites.

My Conversion Ratios are no where near what you list above. Why?
We have found different sites and different sorts of traffic can make a huge difference. You will see the sites above are always the same just the order changes. This is because these site receive the most traffic and most variety of traffic. They take the good with the bad and it averages out. They are by far the best sites which is why we class them as Platinum sites. However, this does not mean they are right for your traffic. The best thing to do is to try a few different sites out, see how they go and honestly if they are not up to scratch with other sites you send to, then put those sites on hold and let us know so we can look into it. Sometimes it is as simple as your site primarily is Hardcore focused and all your traffic is being sent to one of our Softcore Sites, a change of direction can make all the difference.


CuriousCash - Passion Pays

All Australian Boys

Converting 1 in 164

Converting 1 in 211

All Australian Boys
Converting 1 in 239

All Australian Boys
Converting 1 in 243

All ratios are calculated as hits to the site front page as ratio to joins from MPA3.  Do NOT be fooled by programs who show you 2nd or join page hits !!!

Curious Tim

Curious ToyBoy
ICQ: 293070684
AOL: GMM Toy Boy
Yahoo: gmmtoyboy

Webmaster Dan
ICQ: 297970749

Curious Jesse
ICQ: 349840177


We get so many guys that want to model for us that work in the building industry, Max is another. Max also does a lot of Body building. With a strong All Australian Boy look, complete with the Southern Cross tattooed on himself. His strong, youthful looks are complemented by his great body carved from his regular encounters with the surf. Max was a bit timid about taking his cloths off even though he had a great body to show. For people that are into tats and a great toned body - Max is your boy.

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Bob was recommended to model for us by a mate who he use to go to school with. Now he has left and is in the big wide world he thought it would be fun to do some modeling. Bob goes to gym regularly and Surfs whenever the swell is up.

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What do you say about this “Yummy Boy”. He has a Great Body, Pretty Face, Is Young and has a Big Hard Cock. What else does one want !! Kasper constantly works out at the gym to keep his body 100% hot. In a way we think he likes showing it off for people to swoon over. Kasper is a guy next door type who doesn’t like crowds or hanging out at night clubs or bars. He would rather be surfing or at the gym doing something more healthy. Watch him give "The Milking Machine" a work out !!

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Rico is an Aussie bloke that enjoys working on cars, Rugby League and drinking with his mates. He has recently started going to the gym a couple of times a week and wants to improve his body.

He was very shy and didn’t like jacking off with another guy in the same room. After a while he stared to relax a bit so I quickly pulled out the Milking Machine. Once it was sucking away on his big meaty cock there was no stopping him. He blew his load all over the floor and then asked for his cash so he could get going.

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Toilet Break, what Break?

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