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Webmaster Update - Volume 1 Edition 1009 September 2004

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The World According To CuriousCash

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Hello Everybody,

We another busy week this week at our end, and from performance figures there are a lot of you who are starting to see the return of better figures with the summer break and season now ending in North America.

The North American summer time is traditionally a quieter period in our business, and we can all look forward to now to the coming on set of Autumn and Winter which is when sales really go through the roof !

We will continue to bring you new features, new marketing tools, new opportunities and new and improved sites to ensure that we can maximize the amount of money you can make with us.

As always, we are here anytime if you need us.

The CuriousCash Team


For more than 5 years Pornication has set the internet sex industry standards in live sex feeds for websites.

Pornication's unique, private 1-on-1 LIVE sex feed offers your surfers live, private 1-on-1 shows with their exclusive models! They will pay you up to 40% on ALL customer purchases. That means for their 1-on-1 live shows, you'll get over $2.00/minute every minute the customer spends!

Whether it's search engine traffic, TGP, or exit traffic, their unique1-on-1 live sex payout program gives your traffic better opportunities to convert, and it gives you a steady recurring incentive that no one else can beat. Only from Pornication!



*** New *** New *** New ***

Quick Links For The Lazy

Updated And Tweaked Premium Sites
Work has been done this week to make comes subtle changes and tweak the performance of Australian Males and Boy Models Australia.  We are slowly working through each of the sites to ensure maximum performance.

Revamped Curious Cash Members Area
From next week, when you login to the CuriousCash members area you take note of the new improvements.  We are adding a scrolling text box so that not only can you see the latest announcements, but you will also be able to scroll back and see past announcements and notices.  Additionally, there will be a direct link from the members area to our Webmaster Update Archives.

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Now This Is *REALLY* Important - Take #1


Just a really quick note for all of you to make it easier to read your stats.

We have noticed some confusion over rebills.  The CuriousCash members area stats do NOT show rebills, ONLY new joins.  That way, by using you can calculate true conversion ratios for the sites you send traffic to on the basis of new joins alone.

For the picture of your rebills, CCBill stats will represent your actual rebills, which can be reported on by site in the CCBill affiliates area, so you can then also calculate the retention ratio on your own traffic rather easily.

**ALWAYS** remember that CuriousCash members area stats are drawn SOLELY and DIRECTLY from CCBill, so your stats in CCBill will ALWAYS be the correct figures.

If you have any questions on your stats, either in CuriousCash or CCBill, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime - all of our contact details are at the bottom of every Webmaster Update.

On The Horizon

Get To Know Our Boys

The next things coming off the blocks for CuriousCash.

==>  The live cam feeds to ALL of the premium sites and to Bargain Twinks should all be up and running by next week.  We have signed off on the deal and just await the provider providing us with the feed links to install.

==>   The FREE content sets for you to use in promotion, have been done, and they will be made available the next couple of weeks. These are for you to freely use in promotion of our sites as you wish to use them.  They just cannot be altered in any way without our express permission.

==>  Our dating sites,, are in full billing beta-testing and, fingers crossed, we should be in a position to release these in the next few days.

==>  In development are rotating "Daily Galleries", "Pic Of The Day" and also "Daily Teaser Page" as they come online.

When CuriousTim shot Rick, we just said "WOW" !!  Click his pics to learn more.


Scott is an old favorite of ours.  Click either pic to check out this hot boy.

This Week's Top Converters & Bling Earners

Products Of Our Insomnia

#1 - Boy Movies

Keeping top spot, Boy Movies keeps converting well to good traffic !

Converting at 1 in 219

Boy Movies


TGP Wizards Free TGP Autosubmitter

Netpond Webmaster Board And Webmaster Resources

Porn City Webmaster Board And Resources

Remote Thumbs Free Fake TGP Site Builder

TGP Gallery Monitor



Revshare Rewards

Celebrity Bling


Casino Profit Share

#2 - Teen Boy Models

Narrowing the gap again, TBM continues to set the standard of consistency!

Converting at 1 in 221

Teen Boy Models
#3 - Boy Models Australia

Our best retaining site makes it's reappearance after lurking just outside.

Converting at 1 in 265

Boy Models Australia
Just For Laughs :-)


John graduated from clinical psychology at the top of his class and opened his practice first office.

Because it was well known that he was the top of the class, and after some quite successful advertising he was astounded to have nearly 300 people wanting to be in group therapy.

Not wanting to turn anyone away, John decided to rent a big hall and invite the entire group.

On the first night, OVER 300 people turned up, so to break the ice, and to get the therapy started, John decides to ask a show of hands how often the attendees had sex.

He first asks for a show of hands of all the people who had sex almost every night.

A modest number of hands were raised.

He then asks, how many had sex at least once a week?

This time a larger number of hands were raised.

John then asks how many had sex a couple of times per month?

Again, another few hands were raised.

After John had polled group his group a bit more, he couldn't help but notice this one guy sitting off to the side with this huge beaming grin on his face.

John also had noticed that this particular guy never raised his hand, so he asked him how often he had sex.

The guy said, “Once a year!”

Now that didn't make sense to John because this guy seemed so happy and his smile was simply beaming.

John asked him, “Why are you so happy when you are only getting sex only once a year?”

The guys grin just got even bigger at this question.....

"Because tonight's the night!"

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